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Mobile-AR Dimension Kit


2020 - ongoing


Implementing Institution(s):
Politeknik Sultan Azlan Shah (PSAS)

Students enrolled in Diploma in Quantity Surveying Programme at the Civil Engineering Department


In Malaysia, the Civil Engineering Department in Politeknik Sultan Azlan Shah (PSAS) is implementing the Mobile-AR Dimension Kit practice in their Building Works Measurement course to help students visualize the forms and dimensions of the retaining wall.

The augmented reality application is developed using softwares such as Google SketchUp, Vuforia and Unity and customized to the course syllabus. Using the installed application on mobile phones or tablets, students are able to view the augmented reality image of the retaining wall and learn the position, location and elements of the concrete work in both 2D and 3D drawing dimensions.

Additionally, the Mobile-AR Dimension Kit enables the students to access the notes, references, videos, tutorial questions at their own pace anywhere they are; providing a modern mobile learning experience that enriches and engages beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

As we progress into the Industry 4.0 era, customized digital teaching and learning such as Mobile-AR Dimension Kit could help to prepare the future workforce for digitalized work practices.