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Collaborative Virtual Reality (CVR) Simulation Training


2018 - ongoing


Implementing Institution(s):
Institute of Technical Education

Aerospace Technology students enrolled at School of Engineering, ITE College Central


In Singapore, the School of Engineering at Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College Central is implementing a collaborative virtual reality (CVR) simulation training learning package in their aerospace technology course.

CVR has been implemented since 2018 as a solution to provide a simulated virtual training environment in high-risk events such as engine fire, fuel leakage with running engines.

Developed using gaming laptops and virtual reality Oculus Rift sets, the CVR simulation training is able to provide a safe aircraft working environment which is immersive and authentic.

The highlight of the learning package is the collaboration among aircraft maintenance students to practice engine ground run procedures, via its two modes of practice in CVR simulation training; step-by-step procedural guided mode and assessment of competency with feedback and time limit mechanism.

Coupled with overall cost reduction related to aircraft fuel, maintenance, crew costs and space, CVR simulation training is a practice that could sustain vocational training and learning in the aerospace industry.