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GoPro Plant Authentic Learning


2016 to date (on-going)


Implementing Institution(s):
Institute of Technical Education

Chemical Process Technology students at School of Applied and Health Sciences, ITE College East


In Singapore, the School of Applied and Health Sciences at Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College East uses the GoPro action camera to livestream scenes at the process plant, enabling collaborative troubleshooting of plant operations among field and panel technicians.

GoPro Plant Authentic Learning (GoPro PAL) is designed to allow students to simulate real-life scenarios in a safe process plant environment while promoting critical thinking, problem solving and peer learning. The use of a livestreaming camera at the institute’s Plant Authentic Learning (PAL) facility was able to enhance authentic learning while solving the issue of large group learning in narrow gangways at the process plant.

Compared to old-school radio set communication, the incorporation of a livestreaming action camera provided better visualization of scenes at the plant, enabling panel technicians to discuss countermeasures for malfunctions to be fixed by field technicians. Recorded videos of the plant operation processes further allowed students to identify troubleshooting processes through repeated mastery learning.

GoPro PAL could be replicated to support authentic learning in the confined spaces of actual environments such as the aircraft cabins for Aerospace courses or engine rooms for Maritime courses.