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Demand-based Industry-driven Skills Training


July 2017 – July 2020

Brunei Darussalam

Implementing Institution(s):
Pusat Pembangunan Kapasiti (Centre for Capacity Building)

School Leavers and unskilled jobseekers


In Brunei, the government has funded the establishment of Centre for Capacity Building (PPK) under the 11th National Development Program to develop vocational skills training and professionalization of skilled labour for local youths.

PPK implemented the ‘demand-based industry-driven skills training’ to produce job ready prospects by aligning their skills training to the job market in Brunei Darussalam. Their collaboration with and recognition by industry is a critical success factor; with industry engagement at all stages of their Industry Collaboration Training Cycle.

PPK’s “top-up incentive”, friendly entry requirement and practical-laden curriculum has attracted and enabled less qualified and unemployed jobseekers to gain skilling and re-skilling training, thereafter to work in various private sector and foreign direct investment (FDI) companies.