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Successful Graduate Icons


2021 - ongoing


Implementing Institution(s):
Bureau of Curriculum Development – Department of Education Central Office

SHS prospective students, parents, industries, government agencies


In the Philippines, the Department of Education, through the Bureau of Curriculum Development, has implemented the Successful Graduate Icons campaign. Successful senior high school (SHS) graduates who are entrepreneurs or gainfully employed are celebrated as icons and models to inculcate success, enhance the image of SHS exits and promote TVET career pathways.

The nationwide publicity and career guidance campaign involves the selection of real-life success stories in the form of videos and narratives to inform the public, inspire youths while demonstrating the potentials and opportunities of TVET pathways for youths to become prosperous and beneficial to the community.

The concept of ídolizing’ successful and transformed graduates together with the choice of using audio-visual mediums via social media platforms such as Youtube and Facebook is found to cater to the interest and engagement of the millennial digital generation. It could also gain support and collaboration from internal and external stakeholders from education institutions, government agencies, communities, industries and legislators to provide students and graduates with work immersion, skills and competencies training and access to the real world of work.