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Learning Through Filming


2016 - ongoing


Implementing Institution(s):
Institute of Technical Education, Singapore

Students enrolled in ITE College West, SOE courses


In Singapore, the School of Engineering at Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College West is implementing ‘Learning Through Filming’ (LTF), which is a custom-designed pedagogical strategy for the teaching and learning of procedural knowledge for 21st century learners.

LTF has been fully implemented since 2016 as a solution to help the students retain practical skills and knowledge required of specific engineering tasks and procedures.

The teaching strategy requires students to produce instructional videos of engineering procedures in groups, using available devices such as mobile phones, tablets or video cameras.

The process of scripting, filming, annotating, editing, presenting and reviewing of the video was found to engage the students in learning, increase their knowledge in the subject, increase their confidence and skill to perform the actual procedural-based task while increasing their social skills.

LTF could be adopted or adapted by Southeast Asian TVET education institutions for teaching procedural-based content, leveraging existing tablets, smart phones, laptops or personal computers from school or students. Free software could be used for the production of instructional videos.

Students video

1. Wheel Balancing

2. Operation of Chilled Water System (Local & Auto Mode)

3. Avolites Lighting Tutorial