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ASEAN Labour Ministers Initiative Towards Preparing For The ‘Future of Work’

   Posted on 27.05.2019 by SEA-VET Content, SEA-VET.Net

On the 29th of April 2019, the labour ministers attended a conference on the Future of Work, Embracing Technology; Inclusive Growth – Special Session of ASEAN Labour Ministers on Future of Work. 

They are working towards a collaborative initiative towards the future of work. 

The conference placed an important emphasis towards ASEAN Labour Ministers making further efforts in preparing their workers and business for the future of work, and protecting the transformative changes that come along with it. 

Their initiative towards preparing the ASEAN workforce and businesses for the future of work were expressed in a statement that laid out 9 action-steps each ASEAN Labour ministers where held accountable to:

  1. To strengthen the capacity of public and private institutions by preparing the workforce for the future, exposing them to new technology, increasing closer cooperation with industries, improving TVET standards and using TVET to skill, up skill and re-skill their workers.
  2. Adopting policies initiatives and training to increase participation of women, people with disabilities, elderly and youth in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)-related careers.
  3. Encourage and support efforts of businesses to improve the quantity and quality of jobs in both existing and emerging sectors of employment, by investing in decent work according to international standards and to harness and manage technology.
  4. Share best practices among ASEAN Member States on implementing responsive policies and initiatives to address the changing nature of employment relationships.
  5. Promote fiscally sustainable public and private national social protection initiatives in ASEAN Member States for the well-being of workers and improve their retirement adequacy.
  6. Support efforts of employers’ and workers’ organisations in developing necessary capabilities for collective representation and social dialogue
  7. Strengthen tripartite relations to enable all partners to work collectively towards continued sustainable development of the ASEAN Community and creation of decent work for our workforce;
  8. Enhance collaboration with relevant stakeholders to facilitate a coordinated ASEAN response in preparing the ASEAN workforce and businesses; and
  9. Increase cooperation between ASEAN and ASEAN’s external partners to facilitate sharing of models, best practices, and experiences in preparing workers to adapt to future jobs. 

These action statements also represent a shared commitment to address the common challenges that are faced by the ASEAN community in promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all.

The task at hand is given to the ASEAN Senior Labours Official Meeting (SLOM), with the support of the SLOW Working Group on Progressive Labour Practices to Enhance the Competitiveness of ASEAN (SLOM-WG) to ensure its’ implementation.

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