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ASEAN Declaration On Human Resources Development For The Changing World of Work

Posted on:
22.07.2020 by RECOTVET

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What is theASEAN Declaration On Human Resources Development For The Changing World of Work”?

The declaration is an official ASEAN declaration that outlines 15 key actions that ASEAN member states resolved to undertake to prepare the ASEAN human resources for the changing world of work. The 15 key actions provide an orientation for policy-makers to reform ASEAN education systems in line with future requirements. Key themes of the declaration are life-long learning, cooperation with the private sector and inter-agency collaboration.

Who developed the declaration?

The declaration was developed in a participatory process by representatives of the Senior Labour Officials Meeting (SLOM) and the Senior Education Officials Meeting (SOMED) from ASEAN member states as well as the ASEAN Future Workforce Council (AFWC). The initiative was led by MOLISA (Vietnam ASEAN Chair 2020) and coordinarted by the ASEAN Secretariat with support of the GIZ RECOTVET commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

Check out the following links to find out more about the development process Kick-off Workshop and  Drafting Workshop.

Has the declaration been officially adopted?

Yes. The declaration has been officially adopted by ASEAN leaders at the 36th ASEAN Summit on June 26 2020.

Where can I find the declaration?

Download the full declaration right here.

Three things that make the declaration unique!

1. No more policy silos: The declaration is a cross-sectoral collaboration between labour and education policy-makers and the private sector from ASEAN member states that outlines a joint strategic direction for education reform in light of the challenges and opportunities of a changing world of work.

2. An integrated approach: The underlying Human Resource Development concept is an overarching framework that includes all stages of lifelong learning - general education, TVET, higher education, corporate learning and non-/informal learning - and thereby fosters greater policy coherence and creates synergies for implementation.

3. An Infrastructure to follow up: The declaration includes the establishment of the ASEAN TVET Council (ATC). The ATC is a regional, inter-sectoral TVET body tasked with the coordination, research and development and monitoring of regional programmes to support the advancement of TVET in the region. Find more details about the ATC here.

Who coordinates the implementation of the declaration?

The ALMM and ASED, with the support of Senior Labour Officials Meeting (SLOM), Senior Officials Meeting on Education (SOM-ED), and ATC,  are tasked to jointly coordinate the implementation of this Declaration including mobilisation of resources, subject to the national laws, regulations and policies of Member States.

What is next?

The declaration will be followed by the ASEAN Human Resource Development Roadmap that will outline initiatives and commitments by ASEAN member states to turn the declaration into action. The Roadmap is currently under development and ist set to be endorsed at the 37th ASEAN Summit in November 2020.

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