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IDN Mengajar

Posted on:
21.09.2022 by Boby Wahyu Saputra

Implementing Institutions:
IDN Foundation




- By participating in this activity, participants will have the opportunity to learn basic information technology such as Design, Game Making, Programming, UI/UX, Creative Design, and Computer Basic.
- Helping participants to improve their skills and knowledge in the IT field
- Helping participants to prepare themselves to enter the industrial world
- Assist in obtaining international certification or re-certification for certain materials


- The fees offered for this event are nominally voluntary from the participants or from the invitees. For invitees from abroad, the transportation and accommodation costs of the presenters, assistant, and the person in charge is given the option of being borne by the inviter or independent of the IDN.

- If IDN Mengajar teaching activities are held at IDN, there will be no transportation and accommodation costs/as agreed.


For More Information You Can Download This Link :

Proposal IDN Mengajar - English Version_compressed.pdf - Google Drive