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Basic Education Equivalency Programme Centres in Cambodia

Posted on:
22.12.2019 by SEA-VET Content

Implementing Institutions:
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport; Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training; UNESCO

Supporting Institutions:
UNJP on Youth Employment


Scale of Initiative:


Topic: Online Education Programme

Who, When, Where:

The Basic Education Equivalency Programme (BEEP), was launched in February 2019, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is a joint initiative between the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS); Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MoLVLT); and UNESCO, which aims to provide a flexible and alternative route to education for the Kingdom.

Problem Statement:

Due to a high number of dropout rates amongst students who are in grades seven to nine, the Kingdom faces a problem regarding the future of the youth and their opportunities for employment. With a low number of students completing secondary, it creates a number of youth who lack the necessary skills needed for future employment. Thus, the BEEP programme was initiated by the government, to help boost an education turnaround for those out-of-school youth, by providing more and accessible education to the nation.

Description of Initiative:

The BEEP programme is an online educational programme that offers the chance for students who are out-of-school to complete their lower/secondary/basic education, which is equivalent to grade 9. It offers a chance for these students to continue their education at a vocational high school or TVET secondary school, provided that they complete and pass all their examinations, which is held online. If they complete the subjects and pass the examinations, they will be awarded a basic education certification to be enrolled in the TVET programme held by MoLVLT.

Description of Solution:

With the support from the United Nations Joint Programme (UNJP) on Youth Employment in Cambodia, the BEEP programme is available on an open-source learning management system, Moodle in a number of BEEP Centre’s. There are 10 centre’s in Cambodia where BEEP is currently being piloted; 5 in Phnom Penh and 5 in Siem Reap. Moreover, the courses are also available in Khmer, from collaboration with the World Education’s EdTech Center.

With a total of 11 e-learning subjects available for students to choose from, the BEEP programme has several sections, and each section of the programme lasts between six and eight months for students enrolled. A few of the subjects available are in the areas of entrepreneurship, english and information technology. Students who are enrolled and undertake the programme, are given access to free internet by Smart Axiata to allow them to take on the courses of their interest and at their own pace.



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