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Quality Toolbox for Better TVET Delivery

Posted on:
10.02.2020 by RECOTVET

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1. The Challenge - TVET Quality Assurance and Quality Development in ASEAN
One of the challenges that many ASEAN member states are facing is the need of practitioners at the level of TVET centres to better understand how quality assurance (QA) and quality development (QD) function and be effectively implemented. Currently there is no comprehensive collection of easy to handle instruments available that provides interested TVET managers and teachers with tools to optimize their work on QA and QD.

2. Solution
GIZ RECOTVET recognised this challenge and initiated a regional dialogue between QA experts from ministries as well as TVET institutions from 9 AMS to harness the expertise from the region and identify the priorities of TVET QA practitioners. At the end of this dialogue, and with support of German and Malaysian TVET experts, a Quality toolbox for better TVET delivery was developed.

3. The Toolbox in Short
The users of the toolbox are teaching and management staff of TVET centers. The toolbox offers a collection of instruments that equips all teaching staff in TVET centres to manage and conduct their QA and QD work more effectively and efficiently. The toolbox will be designed to provide a number of supporting and hands-on instruments that can be applied both at the operational (learning and teaching processes) and managerial level. The toolbox also provides methodological hints and guidance on how to handle things properly in order to improve the quality of work in TVET centers.
Six thematic areas to be featured in the toolbox as follows:

  1.  Enhancing quality culture at TVET institutes
  2. Paradigm shift in learning and teaching at TVET institutes – Quality development
  3. Shaping oriented quality indicators and standards for quality development
  4. Classroom instructional methods
  5. Classroom assessment
  6. Cooperation with industry to improve TVET delivery

4. Objectives of the Toolbox
In general, the development of the quality toolbox eventually aims at supporting the quality improvement of the students’ competences across ASEAN member states. The specific objectives of the toolbox are:

  • To provide TVET centres in ASEAN with compact and practical oriented quality instruments that allows them to work on QA & QD more effectively and efficiently.
  • To support TVET centres in ASEAN countries to implement an innovative work organization to improve the quality of work, teaching and learning.
  • To support the effort of TVET staff centres towards quality comparability.
  • To support the quality development process within learning & teaching.
  • To promote regional and international exchanges and mutual learning on QA & QD instruments and practices.


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