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Establishment of Malaysia Board of Technologists

Posted on:
31.08.2018 by SEA-VET IT

Implementing Institutions:
Ministry and the Science, Technology and Innovation (MoSTI)


Scale of Initiative:



In line with the 2050 National Transformation Plan (TN50) and keeping up with Industry 4.0 developments, the Government of Malaysia aims to create a high caliber workforce that is able to compete in today’s highly competitive and globalised world. Establishment of the Malaysian Board of Technologists (MBOT) in 2017 through Technologists and Technicians Act 2015 (Parliament Act 768) is an initiative in this direction.

The MBOT is tasked to register, recognize and certify technologists, technicians and graduates possessing relevant skills as professionals, thereby contributing towards the creation of a skilled workforce across 21 sectors. Currently, the MBOT is setting up a training and teaching syllabus to enable 30,000 technicians and technologists to be recognized as professionals.

It is hoped that recognitions will not only boost the quality of professions, but will also illustrate the prominent side of technology along with TVET.


The objectives of the MBOT are to:

  • To elevate the standing and recognition of Technologists and Technicians;
  • To increase the pool of skilled workforce required to attain a high income economy;
  • To ensure that the quality of the profession and workforce is in line with today’s industry needs;
  • To provide a recognition pathway for technicians and technologists as a profession through the membership registration; and
  • To protect public safety and health.

Useful Links

MBOT Legislation (Laws of Malaysia Act 768 - Technologists and Technicians Act 2015):