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Essential competencies for TVET Teachers in ASEAN

22.05.2019 by SEA-VET Content

Dr. Paryono, Dr. Winfried Heusinger, Christian Bock


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Systems, Policies, Curriculum, Regional/global integration (qualification framework, mutual recognitions, harmonization, etc.)



To enhance regional cooperation and harmonisation in TVET, the RECOTVET programme, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), is supporting ASEAN member states on a series of breakthroughs in TVET development on a regional level. A particular focus of RECOTVET is on the improvement of framework conditions for the people involved in TVET planning and delivery. With the programme's support experts from Southeast Asia and Europe have been working on an overarching Regional Quality Assurance Model (RQAM) for TVET and TVET Personnel in Southeast Asia, focussing on quality criteria for the engagement of the private sector in TVET and the qualification of TVET teachers. Complementary, two competency profiles for TVET personnel have been developed: the Regional TVET Teacher Standard (RTTS) and the Regional Standard for In-Company Trainers. As an important cornerstone in knowledge sharing and management, RECOTVET also supports SEAMEO VOCTECH in the development of a Regional Knowledge Platform on TVET.

All four key outcomes that have been developed in the past three years by representatives of Southeast Asian countries are closely interlinked and complementary. There is a particular connection between the RQAM and the RTTS, since the RQAM focusses explicitly also on TVET teaching personnel: The RQAM represents a framework comprising common criteria promoting demand-orientated and effective TVET delivery based on a joint understanding between the ASEAN Member States. The model focusses particularly on certain areas of a TVET system, namely: 1) Industry involvement; 2) TVET personnel; and 3) Audit and assessment. While different in scope, the RQAM can be complemented by the RTTS as it focuses on TVET Teacher qualification and gives policy makers an in-depth picture about the needed competency profile for TVET teachers in Southeast Asia. The linkage is specifically manifested in the focus area of the RQAM Teaching Personnel, which purposely reflects the three main components of the RTTS. Looking at the RQAM, it becomes obvious that the four improvement criteria in ‘teaching personnel’ resemble the three components from the RTTS: The Personal and Social component is in line with the improvement criteria Networking with the Community. The alignment in terms of ‘Pedagogy’ and Teaching Methodology comes naturally as it covers a fundamental part of teaching. Furthermore, the Technical component relates directly to Standards of professional Teaching to elaborate the importance of expertise and technical knowledge in the respective occupation and workplace. Additionally, one of the central characteristics in both documents is the industry experience that ensures demand-orientation of teaching and learning. Overall, the linkage between both documents is of significance for the further improvement and harmonisation of quality of TVET personnel.

Headed by SEAMEO VOCTECH, the RTTS was developed by a regional working group with the support of RECOTVET. The regional working group obtained voluntary contributions of expertise and experience from multi-stakeholder representatives of nine ASEAN Member States: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam1.


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