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Fit for Industry 4.0

Innovative Learning and Teaching for Digitalization and Automation

07.10.2021 by SEA-VET Admin SEAVET ADMIN

Georg Spöttl, Siriporn Parvikam, Paryono Paryono


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GIZ RECOTVET, SEAMEO VOCTECH (October, 2021) - We are getting used to living in an age of change. This global change is probably nowhere felt more severely than in those countries of Asia which have strongly relied on technological advance in their development.

These advances have a name: digitalization.

We are witnessing digitalization as a driving force which affects all spheres of life. At its core, this driving force is based on a new paradigm of technological development which creates new perspectives for our interaction with the world around us. Consequently, human engagement with these perspectives in work has to be considered as a central issue of human development and it is up to TVET to provide humankind with the means to deal effectively with the implications of digitalization.

The aim of this booklet is to appraise the impact of digitalization and to provide guidelines and further training concepts for TVET teacher training for coping with this phenomenon in Asian countries. Due to the paramount scope of this task and the uncertainty of the future development involved, we intend to approach this undertaking through the following three steps:

• an overview of the potential impact of digitalization for TVET;

• a self-reliant learning concept taking account of the milestones of further training in digitalization/Industry 4.0;

• recommendations for further training actions based on modules to be followed in order to secure a humane line of development in relation to the impact of digitalization.

The participants of the training activities are teachers of TVET centres in South-East Asian countries. Within the above-mentioned three steps, multipliers will be prepared to be ready for future developments and for further training of their colleagues.

Georg Spöttl; Siriporn Parvikam; Paryono Paryono

Bremen, Bangkok, Brunei 2021