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Regional Guidelines for Master Trainers

Based on the Standard for In-Company Trainers in ASEAN Countries

27.03.2024 by SEA-VET Admin SEAVET ADMIN

Konrad De Bortoli, Ngan Cheng Hwa


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The Regional Guidelines for Master Trainers have been developed with the aim of supporting Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) authorities, chambers, private sector associations, business organisations, TVET training providers, as well as interested individuals in further developing the technical education and training in their respective country by introducing in-company training based on the Standard for In-Company Trainers in ASEAN Countries.

In-company training is evidently vital to address skill gaps where TVET school graduates fall short of industry demands. This requires competent ‘In-Company Trainers’ capable of effectively training and mentoring trainees, apprentices, and employees. ‘Master Trainers’ play a key role in producing these skilled in-company trainers.

To promote in-company training in the region, in GIZ’s predecessor projects, the Standard for In-Company Trainers in ASEAN Countries was developed in a participatory process by 60 experts from six AMS (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam) during four workshops, each three days, between September 2014 and February 2015. Since then, the Standard has been endorsed by the 12th ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Education (SOM-ED) in December 2017 and by the ASEAN Senior Labour Officials Meeting’s Working Group on Progressive Labour Practices to enhance the competitiveness of ASEAN (SLOM-WG) ad-referendum in December 2018.

The Standard was developed to serve as a regional benchmark to ensure that trainers have the necessary skills, knowledge, and competencies to conduct in-company training effectively. Meanwhile, it maintains a level of detail that allows for flexibility, accommodating adaptation to the diverse economic and educational systems of the region, and ensuring acceptance by the business and industry community.

As of 2023, the German government’s Regional Cooperation Programme for TVET in ASEAN (RECOTVET), implemented by GIZ, had trained over 200 master trainers to be able to design, conduct, and evaluate training for in-company trainers according to the Standard for In-Company Trainers in ASEAN Countries. These master trainers then trained in-company trainers in their respective countries. Nevertheless, the demand is growing, and the RECOTVET project is scheduled to conclude in March 2024. Representatives from participating countries have sought such guidelines to facilitate the exchange of experiences, fostering mutual learning, and further advancing the approach.

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