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Inspiring TVET Stories from the ASEAN Plus Three Countries

14.12.2023 by SEA-VET Admin SEAVET ADMIN

Ministry of Education Singapore

Ministry of Education Singapore

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“Training for Success” is a publication by the Ministry of Education, Singapore, which brings together real-life stories from Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

These stories showcase how Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) has transformed individuals and improved business outcomes. Collectively, they demonstrate how TVET can be a powerful driver to establish agile workforces and sustainable economies amid rapid economic and societal changes 


The fourth industrial revolution and rapid technological transformation have far-reaching implications oneconomies and industries worldwide. Our workforce muststay relevant and competitive, and be able to updateexisting skills or pick up new ones to meet evolving industrydemand. To support our people and our economies,countries must continue to learn how to adapt to thesetechnological changes, seize opportunities, and equip ourpeople for the future of work.

ASEAN Member States are well aware that Technical andVocational Education & Training (TVET) is a vital enablerneeded to address these rapidly changing developments.TVET can equip workers with the skills needed to meetthe demands of industry growth and transformation, helpour young adults access good jobs and contribute to thelabour market, and lastly, reduce skills mismatch and helpdisplaced workers enter new jobs in emerging areas ofdemand. TVET governance plays a crucial role in improvingnational TVET systems to deliver these outcomes.

It is thus heartening to see ASEAN Member Statesconvene regularly at platforms like the ASEAN TVETCouncil Meetings and Regional Policy Dialogues, ASEANand ASEAN Plus Three Senior Officials’ Meetings, andother TVET-related events to learn from each other andexchange views on TVET policies and best practices.

While we are firmly convinced about the merits of TVET,the challenge of attracting young people to a TVETeducation pathway remains. Singapore is committed toimproving the image and quality of TVET, so as to developa strong TVET talent pipeline that is responsive to evolvinglabour demands.

We hope that the inspiring stories featured in thispublication will encourage our young adults to seetechnical and vocational jobs as meaningful career choices with good employment outcomes, and encourage industries to be more involved in building up the TVETecosystem.

On that note, I would like to thank fellow ASEAN Plus Three Member States for actively contributing their storiesand working with Singapore to bring this publication tofruition. I personally found the stories heartwarming andinspiring – especially on how TVET has uplifted the lives ofindividuals, improved business outcomes, and collectivelycontributed to the betterment of communities. I hope you will find this publication an inspiring and meaningful read too.

Ms Chong Yiun Lin

Deputy Secretari (Higher Educaton & Skills), Minister of Education Singapore

ASEAN TVET Council Chair

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