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Skills for a Just Transition to a Green Future

Discussion Paper

05.09.2023 by Content Admin

Baueis, Luke; Thinker, Astrid; Gerke, Rainer; Horn, Steffen; Lange, Ralf ; Rinelli, Frauke; Langthaler, Margarita

German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH

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About. The transition to an environmentally sustainable and low-carbon economy, a so called Green Economy, will generate new jobs, while also causing jobs losses, and will alter the skill requirements of many jobs. This will have major implications for future Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) systems as they need to provide the existing and future workforce with the required skills to find decent employment in the emerging Green Economy. In order to explore, within the context of Development Cooperation (DC), how TVET has to adapt to meet the future requirements of Green TVET, a series of five studies is developed. Their aim is to distil necessary intervention needs, state practice-oriented recommendations, and develop a policy vision for the future. The current study presents the initial discussion paper which seeks to explore the role TVET can and should play in a Just Transition to a Green Future and how DC can support partner countries in this endeavour. Based on a review of recent literature and interviews with selected technical cooperation projects, seven theses and recommendations for the design of DC interventions related to Green Skills have been developed. These are intended for an interested public and professional audience, to serve as input for interdisciplinary expert discussions and to give new impetus to the conceptual development of Green TVET approaches.