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Towards a Value Co-Creation Process in Collaborative Environments for TVET Education

24.05.2023 by Content Admin

Salem Badawi, Monica Drăgoicea


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Abstract. The appearance of the COVID disruption has proved the need for rapid innovations in education, with new value proposition(s) able to capture the new activities involving value co-creation in the education service systems. This paper introduces a conceptual framework for skills building in collaborative TVET online communities that integrates the Collaborative Knowledge Sharing Environment (CKSEnv), an ontology-based collaborative development of knowledge-intensive services, as a possible main driver for value co-creation amongst actors in the after-pandemic TVET education. CKSEnv’s usability and usefulness in achieving its goals is evaluated. Quantitative and qualitative data collected through interviews have revealed respondents’ interest in topics such as the sustainability, usefulness, usability, value co-creation, and technical functionality of the proposed development. Both the utility and simplicity proved to have the most significant impact on CKSEnv adoption and usage. A new service design artifact is created, the smart service model canvas in the TVET online communities, to explain the new value co-creation process, which is able to fill gaps in describing the role of ICT in supporting the TVET training cycle. This research may ground further explorations related to the development of TVET online communities, while the CKSEnv is still in the evaluation stage. The practical implications of this study express the need for new value co-creation processes with specific activities that use technology-driven innovations, able to establish such newly created value, through smart educational services.