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TVET in The 21st Century

Exploring Multimedia Elements in Digital Teaching and Learning Based On Art Content

11.05.2023 by Content Admin

Siti Soleha Razali, Affero Ismail, Fatimah Md Yazid, Mohammad Fazrulhelmi Ahmad, Suhaizal Hashim, Reyanhealme Rohanai, Muhammad Shahrir Mohamed Shafieek

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AbstractResearch in digital teaching and learning (T&L) focusing on multimedia elements based on art content is essential in enhancing the quality of the curriculum delivery. Inaddition, research on art content in digital T&L for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is limited. Thus, this paperexploresthe elementsof multimedia components in T&L for TVET based on art content. Art content refers to the subjectmatter or the message conveyed by the presentation.Theresearch utilizesthe Fuzzy Delphi Method(FDM) as methodology. In the first phase, fiveexpertsspecializing in multimedia and artwereinterviewed. After finalizingthe interview results, a matrix analysisthat combines the literatures finding was developedin order to determine the multimedia elements based on the art content. In the second phase, nine experts, including five from the first phase, validated the elements using the instrument.By using the Fuzzy Delphi Method, average values of m1, m2, and m3, 'd' orThreshold value, expert’sconsensus and Fuzzy Evaluation were derived from the data. Findingsindicates thatforty items out of four componentswhich are emotional, subjective, execution,and psychologicalhave been validated by the experts and reach 75 per cent of consensus. In conclusion, multimedia components based on art content in digital T&L for TVET should be utilized as a reference in developing digital content to provide future T&L standards for educators.