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Governance of TVET in Malaysia

Gaps and opportunities for researchers

04.04.2023 by Content Admin

Subramaniam, Abdul Aziz


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Abstract. Much research on technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in Malaysia has addressed how particular organisational and institutional configurations, conditions, and dynamics govern the operations and outcomes. Similarly, there is a move to answer the question of how quality assurance structures and partnerships between stakeholders affect the overall system. This paper is based on a systematic review of recent literature (especially within the last decade, with some intermittent references to earlier works) on TVET in Malaysia that have been framed in five categories: governance, quality assurance, industry, perception, and funding. It identifies the main research gaps and concerns, and suggests areas of research that would enable future works to better understand and improve TVET in Malaysia. A large variance between different areas of research was noted. While matters of governance are often raised, less attention has been placed on resolving the unwieldy multiplicity and overlap of jurisdictions. A plethora of anecdotal assumptions about TVET was also found, leading to a lack of representative findings. Therefore, the paper, in suggesting concrete areas for future research on TVET in Malaysia, emphasises the need for research that could drive and inform policy decisions at the national level for TVET in Malaysia.