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The ASEAN Business Awards

The ASEAN Business Awards (ABA) were launched by the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC) to mark ASEAN’s 40th anniversary in 2007. Since then, the ABA have recognised numerous outstanding ASEAN businesses and showcased promising small, medium, and large size enterprises with the potential to become global players. The Awards have become a platform for promoting regional integration.

This 2022 ASEAN Business Awards on Skills Development (ABA-SDA) is the fourth time to be conferred by the ASEAN-BAC. The Skills Development Award category was introduced in the ABA in 2019 during Thailand’s presidency of the ASEAN-BAC. The 2022 presidency’s theme ‘Addressing Challenges Together’ was marked by economic set back caused by 2 years of the COVID pandemic. Therefore, the winners continued commitment to skills development even throughout uncertain times deserves special attention and recognition!

The 2022 Skills Development Award rewarded one very large enterprise, two large enterprises and three medium-large enterprises that strived to keep their training schemes and skills development efforts running to also overcome the challenges in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Skills development high on the agenda

The ASEAN Declaration on Human Resources Development for the Changing World of Work was adopted at the 36th ASEAN Summit on 16 September 2020. This declaration reaffirms the commitment to the ASEAN Vision 2025 to build a people-oriented, people-centred ASEAN Community where ASEAN peoples enjoy higher quality of life and the benefits of community building. This declaration also shows how skills development is a priority in response to the changes of technology and new working environments.

The Declaration calls for the development of a roadmap for its implementation through concrete strategies and actions. One of the objectives is to establish programme areas for cooperation and coordination of relevant ASEAN sectoral bodies, private sector, academia, tripartite partners, and other stakeholders for human resources development (HRD).

To achieve the objectives of this HRD roadmap, the roles of private sector in human resource development are very crucial. That is why more business and industry involvement in skills development is a high priority for governments across the ASEAN region and these awards hopefully will also help embolden private sectors’ commitment to skills development.

To select the awardees, the committee refers to the four criteria: (1) impact, (2) cooperation, (3) innovation and replicability, and (4) sustainability.



ACLEDA BANK PLC. is a very large retailed bank providing financial products and services to small and medium enterprises. The bank trains fresh graduates from universities across the country. It provides professional training and skills for those young graduates in the field of banking and finance, and management skills tailored to meet the need of the markets.

Winner of ASEAN Skills Development Award 2022, Very Large Tier
Industry: Banking   |   Country: Cambodia 

 ABASDA22 Very Large Tier President MD

“ACLEDA Bank is a local bank that promotes transparency in banking and finance. Our core human resources focus on freshly graduates from universities across the country. We provide professional training and skills for those young graduates in the field of banking and finance, and management skills tailor made to the need of the markets. We also recruit high school graduates from rural and remote areas who do not have financial resources to pursue their education at the university.”

Dr. In Channy, President and Group Managing Director

There are skills development initiatives taken by ACLEDA Bank Plc. including career orientation, short-term apprenticeship, and a large number of internships. The company also offers innovative staff capacity building and inductions from low career entry points to supplement education program up to doctorate level.

Skills development for students and trainees comprises training programmes for freshly graduates from universities across the country in the field of banking and finance, and management skills tailor made to the need of the markets. High school graduates from rural and remote areas are hired as Cleaner and Customer Service Assistant (Guard) to enable them to obtain the financial resources to pursue their education at the university. After they graduate, the bank recruits them as professional staff such as Credit Officer, Teller, Marketing Officer, and/or Administrative Officer.

The bank offers capacity building programmes for its employees, including New Recruit Training Programmes for unskilled and skilled staff, Introductory Training Programmes for staff who change their positions or get promotion, and Skill Development Programmes organised by a specialized department to all line-manager at branch level. These capacity building programmes have impacted the performance of the bank, the staff, and the community and the country especially through the promotion of and open employment opportunities for freshly graduates and undergraduates, as well as participation in poverty alleviation.

The Jury’s Judgement: ACLEDA Bank Plc. has a strong commitment to skills development for youths, community and its own staff including career orientation, short-term apprenticeship, large number of internships. The company also offers innovative staff capacity building and inductions from low career entry points to supplement education program up to doctorate level. Like this ACLEDA actively supports career development of all of its staff


ABASDA22 Very Large Tier Outreach

Skills Development Activites 

  • Career orientation, short-term apprenticeship, large number of internships.
  • Innovative staff capacity building and inductions from low career entry points to supplement education program up to doctorate level.


 Established  2000

  ABASDA22 Very Large Tier Logo

Number of employees Around 12,000



As a pioneer in the Thai construction industry, the company offers cutting-edge construction techniques and technology for the country’s megaprojects. Essentially, human resource development is one of the organization’s key priorities to deliver high-quality construction works that are built by well-trained workforce, therefore positioning the company as the industry leader.

First Winner of ASEAN Skills Development Award 2022, LargeTier
Industry: Construction   |   Country: Thailand

 ABASDA22 Large Tier 1 President

"We strongly believe that “manpower” is the most important factor for our business operations; only highly capable and skilled manpower can bring sustainable success to our company. To minimize problems from manpower’s quality, human resource development is our priority. Our company gets positive impacts from training activities, not only good reputation among clients, professional societies and universities but also our sales."

Mr. Pornchai Sittiyakorn, President

The dedication of the corporation to the development of human resources can be seen from the large number of activities that have taken place over the years. Specifically, Thai Obayashi Corporation Ltd has been offering various types of workplace-based learning for students that range from short-term offers including 3-month internships, summer camps and CSR classes to long-term interventions such as apprenticeships. Students come from across various education courses from over 20 universities around Thailand. Not only does the company offer support to the youth, but the corporation also provides industry exposure for teachers and instructors. They can visit the company and explore first- hand business operations. The company considers teaching staff to be vital as they are the focal persons to help building future manpower for the construction industry in Thailand. Similarly, the employees are provided with ample opportunities to attend courses or get on-the-job training for upskilling, which is essential as the firm must stay updated with the latest technologies and industry standards.

To date, Thai Obayashi has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with 19 institutes and colleges in Thailand. The MoU’s objectives include collaboration to provide support such as scholarships, visits, training courses, professional personnel, equipment, and technical advisory services, to name a few. This demonstrates the multifaceted dedication of this organization to the development of the existing and future workforce of the construction industry in Thailand and beyond. As the construction industry is in a state of constant and rapid change, the human resource development activities in the organization are also designed in an innovative manner. Therefore, the information, skills, and experience that are taught in developmental programs are regularly adapted to the prevalent trends in the market. Furthermore, the organization has also allocated a budget for these kinds of interventions in the company’s overall financial plan.

The Jury’s Judgement: Thai Obayashi Corporate Limited has exhibited continuous and diverse dedication to the skill development of the workforce of the company, it’s sub-contractors and from the sector as such. Apprenticeships, internships, career orientation, and training courses were provided at a high level of quality to ensure the generation of a qualified workforce for adolescents, students, employees, and the community. It is demonstrable that the corporation’s skill development programs have contributed to the creation of high-quality labor and setting quality standards in the sector. As a result of their multifaceted commitment and high-quality delivery several clients have awarded their projects to the company.


ABASDA22 Large Tier 1 Outreach

Skills Development Activities

  • Short-term workplace-based learning such as summer camp, winter camp, CSR class to students from vocational college & universities.
  • Internships for students with a duration of 2-3 months.
  • 4-month apprenticeship placements for students/ trainees/ apprentices.
  • Workplace-based learning opportunities for reskilling of workers or unemployed people.


 Established  1974   ABASDA22 Large Tier 1 Logo
 Number of employees  1000


PTG manages a vast array of companies, including oil, LPG, food and beverage, convenience store, vehicle repair and maintenance, and renewable energy, as the leading integrated service provider. Driven by the motto “Do Your Best”, it aims to inspire and motivate workers to push themselves to their full potential, form genuine relationships with customers and coworkers, and show compassion for the company’s future success.

Second Winner of ASEAN Skills Development Award 2022, Large Tier
Industry: Oil, Gas & Chemicals  |  Country: Thailand

 ABASDA Large Tier 2 President CEO

"Guided by our vision, ‘Enriching the quality of life, well-being and contentedness of the people we serve’, we at PTG are creating opportunities with partners and communities everywhere in the energy business and other services to fulfil happiness and quality of life for everyone. We are committed to human resource development as reflected in Core Skills Development Roadmap 2022 and is in line with Sustainable Development Goals."

 Mr. Pitak Ratchakitprakarn, President & CEO

The corporation has been active in providing various workplace-based learning opportunities for a diverse range of students. In 2020-2021, the company had taken 129 students from 25 colleges and universities for the apprenticeship programs that offers placement for 3 months to 2 years. Thus far, PTG has encouraged HR employees to participate in the Teacher Training in Workplaces Project organized by 3 colleges under the Office of the Vocational Education Commission with the objective of educating HR employees in taking care of and educating internship students in the workplace (HR acted as teacher/coach).

Furthermore, PTG Energy also has a close cooperation with the public sector to enhance the work skills of the local workforce. This includes providing the company’s support in programs and activities organized by the public sector including Public Training, PT White Service Station Project and Drug Prevention and Solution Project, among many others. PTG also has continued to work closely with institutes and universities in helping the development of curricula and enhancing competencies and skills of the students to increase their employability in the ever-demanding labour market. Furthermore, PTG also provides employment and vocational training opportunities for disabled and elderly persons. The employees at PTG are also offered with upskilling training programs that are conducted via in-house training and/or public training. The company held various incubation programs, namely the Productivity Initiative Project that aims to increase work efficiency and the KAIZEN Project that aims to reduce company costs. PTG Energy also organized a business incubation project called MAX Ventures Incubation Program 2022 which allowed a team of start-ups to pitch their business projects.

PTG has cooperated with the public sector, such as TVET institutions (schools & colleges), ministries, and public authorities on human resource development. Specifically, the corporation has signed various MoUs, namely with the Office of Vocational Education Commission, Ministry of Education, Chulalongkorn University and Uthai Thani Technical University. PTG has implemented both UN and National Sustainability Strategies to the Company’s human resource development under the promotion from the Securities and Exchange Commission Thailand and the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in almost all the programs organized by PTG. At PTG, human resources is the main factor in defining the success of the company and the key in driving the organization towards its goal. PTG has set an annual budget for various HRD activities with the aim to enhance employees’ competencies and skills to serve the business expansion and the changing global atmosphere.

The Jury's Judgement: PTG is committed to offer skills development in line with the Sustainable Development Goals; maintaining the balance between education and personnel development, economic, social and environmental development. The company promotes an innovative culture of work and approach to developing human capital and talent that also evolves and transforms according to global developments. Noteworthy is their inclusivity effort to provide employment and training opportunities for talented youths as well as disabled and elderly people.


ABASDA Large Tier 2 Outreach

Skills Development Activities 

  • Apprenticeship program for students (3-6 months and 1-2 years)
  • Industry-exposure program for teachers/ instructors
  • Variety of training courses for students, disabled person & elderly
  • Upskill training programs for existing employees
  • Organise Carrer Orientation Project four times annually 


 Established  1988

  ABASDA22 Large Tier 2 Logo

 Number of employees  6,000



Pathumthani Brewery Co Ltd (PTB) is one of the leading players in the manufacture of beer; and its product lines include Singha Beer and LEO Beer: The company was founded in 1992, and since then it has grown to become one of the important players. The company adheres to the belief that “Quality People Build Quality Society,” and as a result, it has established several human resource development programs and activities. These were designed with the intention of enhancing the knowledge and skill set of the company’s employees and the community as a whole.

First Winner of ASEAN Skills Development Award 2022, Large Tier
Industry: Manufacturing  |  Country: Thailand

 ABASDA Medium Large Tier 1 MD

"We believe in “Quality People” build “Quality Society”. For that, we are committed to develop the quality of our personnel through various capacity building programs and to offer opportunity for the community, society and public sector around us through Skill Development Activity for External Sector."

Mr Thamrong Jui-In, Managing Director


For more than 10 years, Pathumthani Brewery (PTB) has been opening its door to students and instructors for a site visit to their production technology. The corporation also offers internship programs for students, with the aim to enhance the soft skills and hard skills of the students. Since 2018, 178 students had completed their internship program with PTB. The company also cooperates with Don Bosco Technical College and German-Thai Chamber (GTDEE Office) in conducting a Dual Vocational Training program (x years) in the field of Electronics. Furthermore, PTB also offers scholarship to students, with 54 students having received monetary support in 2022. Another initiative by PTB is to support displaced individuals through the program ‘Create your career with Singha R-SA’ by training them with the related skills and providing relevant equipment. Moreover, the employees at PTB also have the opportunity to develop themselves through programs such as Total Productive Management, Total Quality Management, LEAN Project, Train the Trainer, among others. PTG’s in-company trainers also involve in career orientation for college students of technical trades PTB collaborates internally with Boon Rawd Brewing Company Limited’s (BRB) Knowledge Management Department and Corporate Human Resource Group to implement HRD initiatives. In addition, PTB cooperated closely with the public sector, including ministries, universities, and colleges, to develop functional and occupational skills for employees and the community. Furthermore, the development operations of PTB, notably the provision of Dual Vocational Education, are consistent with the Ministry of Education’s Strategic Vocational Education Development Plan (2019-2036).

The PTB’s Skill Development Platform was established and executed in accordance with the Open Innovation Concept, which encourages feedback from all parties, including GTDEE, Don Bosco, and others. Every year, the business collects input and conducts sessions with colleges to develop new training curricula.. Each of the platform’s activities, such as the Skill Development Activities, which are intended to implement project-based learning with an emphasis on problem-solving to boost productivity and other functional abilities, may be reproduced in other industries. Therefore, personnel will be able to apply their expertise and abilities to the public and education sectors. The PTB additionally allocates between 7 and 10 million Thai Baht annually to the Skill Development Platform to maintain the platform’s momentum.

The Jury's Judgement: PTB practices an open-door policy, offering various learning and skills development opportunities; including field learning, internship, Dual Vocational Training (DVT) and scholarships which provide opportunities for students and teachers to experience real-life business operations and working processes in a manufacturing industry. The company contributes to community-wide skills development from internal Training of Trainers (ToT), project, productivity, and quality management trainings for employees, to career orientation and vocational functional skills training for displaced and general community. In moving ahead with digitization, the company has dedicated resources to develop and maintain a Skill Development Platform to enhance training for productivity and functional skills, in collaboration with stakeholders in the public and education sector.


ABASDA Medium Large Tier 1 Outreach

Skills Development Activities

  • Internship program for studentsI
  • Industry-exposure program for teachers/ instructor
  • Offer several training courses for displaced employees, disabled individuals
  • Upskill training programs for existing employees
  • Organise Career Orientation Project for students


 Established  1992   ABASDA Medium Large Tier 1 Logo
 Number of employees  900


Aplus Consulting Co., Ltd. is a leading HR service provider in Cambodia that shows a strong commitment to maximize human potential within the organization and community by offering various interventions which contribute to employees’ career development and build up the capacities of the community.

Second Winner of ASEAN Skills Development Award 2022, Large Tier
Industry: Human Resources  |  Country: Cambodia 

 ABASDA Medium Large Tier 2 MD

"My dream is to support others to maximize their potentials and to prosper. I owe my gratitude to those who supported me in my journey, and I aspire to be of service to others, too. Aplus Consulting Co., Ltd. is committed to delivering high quality and value-added services in a timely manner. We uphold our promise to sustain our relationships with our clients based on honesty, cost effectiveness and efficiency, and to provide best solutions to help the clients develop their competitive edges."

 Sar Kinal, Managing Director

Aplus Consulting Co., Ltd., is a leading HR service provider, assisting over 250 local and international companies by promoting HR profession as an essential business partner, and leading new innovations in this profession to accelerate growth not only in Cambodia but also in the Southeast Asian region. With the vision to maximize human potential for a better world, the company is offering integrated human capital solutions to achieve individual and business success through an HR digital platform.

The company provides classroom as well as on-the-job and online training to interns, apprentices, and the public. Aplus Consulting Co., Ltd. further provides input to universities for designing their curriculum in response to market demands. The company gets top management involved with TVET development programs, to involve with and commit their knowledge to the community. It offers a small number but inclusively paid internship opportunities and runs a “Young Leader Program”. This program aims to equip individuals with leadership competency for effectively leading the tasks and people.

For the staff development, the company created a working group to engage in and execute a human resource development plan to identify career aspiration and development needs for employees, and to provide classroom, on-the-job and online training. The company embraces inclusivity, especially by involving more women in the internship and paid apprenticeship programs. The company stated that it hires workers from various backgrounds no matter what their gender or religion is.

The company embraces inclusivity, especially by involving more women in the internship and paid apprenticeship programs. The company stated that it hires workers from various backgrounds no matter what their gender or religion is.

Aplus Consulting Co., Ltd. further runs a project called “Freelance Recruiters”. This project provides opportunities for under-graduated students to learn about Recruitment skills and knowledge. Additionally, they obtain 30% commission of the total revenue from their candidate placement, to support their education. There are 104 freelance recruiters who received training from Aplus and gained financial benefit for themselves.

Aplus Consulting Co., Ltd. has been collaborating with partners such as Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations (CAMFEBA) and EuroCham Cambodia by having them as the sources of training providers for different skills.

Furthermore, the company makes use of digital technology for its training offers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic by adopting distance learning via Zoom, and other online-learning platforms such as Alison, Thomas International, LinkedIn, etc. Some training courses have been recorded and uploaded in the digital platforms (Facebook, YouTube) so that employees can review them when they have the opportunity. Aplus Consulting Co., Ltd. is in the process of building up its own digital platform, where the training materials can be uploaded and accessed anytime.

The Jury's Judgement: Aplus Consulting Co., Ltd. has committed to maximize human potential within the organization and community though offering various innovative interventions. They contribute to employees’ career development and build up capacities of the community. Aplus Consulting Co., Ltd. equips them with skills necessary for meeting the job market requirements.


ABASDA Medium Large Tier 2 Outreach

Skills Development Activities 

  • Providing classroom, on-the-job and online training to interns, apprentices
  • Providing input to university for designing their curriculum in response to the market demands • Offering “Young Leader Program”
  • Creating working group for staff development plan and execution
  • Identifying career aspiration and development needs for employees
  • Provide classroom, on-the-job and online training to employees
 Established  2008

  ABASDA Medium Large Tier 2 Logo

 Number of Employees  1200


Ezecom Ltd is one of the top providers of innovative communication services in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The company was established in 2007 with the purpose of catering to the rapidly developing internet market in Cambodia. Ezecom has made it a priority to provide its people with more advanced skills by encouraging them to pursue further education, participate in training programs, and get practical work experience.

Third Winner of ASEAN Skills Development Award 2022, Large Tier
Industry: Technology and Telecommunication |  Country: Cambodia 

 ABASDA Medium Large Tier 3 CEO

"As a company focusing on innovative communication services, we are committed to investing in our people with more advanced skills through ongoing learning and development. In addition, we have opened numerous positions for internship programs in customer service, technical service and sales, and many of interns have been promoted to our permanent staff."

Yuni Lee Heathcote, CEO 


Ezecom has made the commitment to invest in its workforce by providing standardized trainings, technical and upskill trainings, self-learning programs and career expanding opportunities. Leveraging on its partnership with pioneering international brands such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, VMW and Huawei, local employees have the opportunity to get trained in state-of-the-art technology and create new advanced career paths as experts in their respective specialty. This knowledge will trickle down to the larger society through technical seminars, internal and external trainings and so on, which Ezecom experts attend and initiate on a regular basis.

In the past several years, Ezecom has established new internal training programs, some of which have been converted into online contents that employees may use at any time. In 2022, the company made a major acquisition move, and their work force grew from 300 personnel at the beginning of the year to more than 900 by the end of October to serve the 900% increase in total customer count. Training and orienting 600 new personnels within such a short period of time is a major feat by the Human Resource Department that can be matched by few, and yet at the same time their HR team still continue their skill development activities such as Ezecom Management Passport Program, Leadership Transformation Program, New Employee Orientation Program, Sales Onboarding Program, Product Training Program etc. This is a crystal-clear testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of Ezecom human resource development function.

To support local students and fresh graduates, Ezecom initiated numerous employment and internship programs focusing on customer service, technical service, and sales. Many of the 76 intern students in 2022 were given opportunity to become full-time staff of the company after completion on their training and internship. In 2022, Ezecom has hosted career orientation at universities and institutes on a semester basis, but for 2023, the company plans to double this effort and conduct quarterly career orientation in 15 select schools and institutions. Accordingly, the company has signed MoU with Preah Kossomak Polytechnic Institute on Career Orientation and Technical On-the-Job Training projects and a MoU with Don Bosco on Internship and Career Orientation programs.

In cooperation with the public sector and public educational institutions, Ezecom contributed to and took part in events such as career fairs, career forums, study tours and conferences, to name a few. The company also provides sponsorship for several technical, TVET and IT schools in Cambodia. To promote e-learning in Cambodia, Ezecom signed a MoU with the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and as part of that MoU, the telecom company wil also sponsor free high quality internet connectivity to 62 high schools and sites across the country.

Not neglecting any link in the chain, the Ezecom Manager Passport Program (EzeMMPP) is an specially curated program for the middle managers at Ezecom. The program combines the “3Es” approach of comprehensive learning – Education, Exposure and Experiences – to help middle managers become effective managers and wise leaders for their teams. In the EzePP, they learn about the employee experience cycle, incorporating various leadership theories, as well as hard skills (process, procedures, and applicable systems), and soft skills (how to lead people). The COVID-19 pandemic made certain aspects of human resource development more challenging, but Ezecom used it as a motivator and opportunity to digitize its HRD function, and rapidly new digital platforms were employed with a significant portion of the delivery model having been switched to a virtual format.

The Jury's Judgement: The company’s commitment to the human resource development of its employees and the greater community is rated highly based on the different initiatives Ezecom has undertaken over the years. The programs include internship opportunities, job training, study support, and a staff succession plan. It also demonstrated Ezecom’s dedication to prepare the youth for future employment by promoting in-demand skills and expertise through events such as career orientations, job fairs, and study tours, among others.


ABASDA Medium Large Tier 3 Outreach

Skills Development Activities

  • Traineeship opportunities for students
  • Encourage company staff to deliver lecture at institute/university


 Established  2007

  ABASDA Medium Large Tier 3 Logo

 Number of employees  900