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Guideline for Sustainable Development of TVET Report in Viet Nam

18.10.2018 by SEA-VET Content

Horn, Steffan

National Institute of Vocational Training (NIVT)

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This guideline is intended primarily for researchers working at the National Institute for Vocational Training (NIVT) in Viet Nam. It provides direction for the researchers for generating yearly national TVET reports within the frame of the ongoing development of a national TVET monitoring and reporting system in Viet Nam. The guideline was developed in the context of the trilateral cooperation between NIVT – a sub-agency of the General Directorate for Vocational Training (GDVT), Ministry of Labour, Invalid and Social Affairs (MoLISA) and “Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeite” (GIZ) – Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam and the German Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB). This guideline is an instrument for capacity development in the German-Vietnamese TVET partnership. It builds on the experience base and exigencies of the advisory process from GIZ and BIBB to NIVT since 2010 for establishing a sustainable TVET monitoring and reporting system, and addresses the primary consultancy content, namely qualification requirements, project management and indicator development.

The guideline reinforces the knowledge transferred during the advisory process and facilitates familiarisation for new researchers at NIVT. The principal organisational factors and basic knowledge needed to generate TVET reports in Viet Nam are presented as a hands-on guideline written in a clear, understandable format. In addition, tips and recommendations are provided on how to build on previous results and continue with the implementation of TVET reporting in Viet Nam.



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