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Virtual, Remote, Live (VRL)


2020 - ongoing


Implementing Institution(s):
Keningau Vocational College (KVC)

Vocational college students and teachers in KVC


In Malaysia, the Virtual, Remote, Live (VRL) internationalization initiative implemented at Keningau Vocational College is breaking through remote geographical restrictions of the interior Sabah state; providing educational opportunities and global exchange experiences to local students; many of whom are marginalized and disadvantaged socioeconomically, and typically would have little exposure to the world outside of the district.

The VRL project promotes cross-border activities such as exchange programmes, masterclasses, conferences, roundtables and cultural camps, in collaboration with global organizations, field experts, teachers, education institutions from all over the world. Virtual student mobility is enabled with the use of real-time online information communication technologies and infrastructure.

Since the implementation of VRL in the year 2020, many cohorts of students have attained international recognition and accolades on the international platform, fostered global citizenship and sociocultural competences, developed a growth mindset in subject area knowledge, acquired advocacy skills on social global issues and digital literacies in emerging technology tools.

Thus far, the VRL project has mitigated the effects of pandemic learning disruption in addition to existing urban-rural divide. VRL aims to further advance SDG4-Education 2030, to democratize education for better equity, inclusiveness and quality.