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ASEAN Leaders Endorse new Declaration on Human Resources Development

   Posted on 21.07.2020 by RECOTVET, ASEAN


At the 36th ASEAN Summit on 26 June 2020 the Heads of State/Government of ASEAN Member States officially endorsed the “ASEAN Declaration On Human Resources Development For The Changing World of Work”.

The declaration was developed under the leadership of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs (MOLISA) Vietnam in consultation with high-level representatives of the ASEAN Senior Labour Officials Meeting (SLOM) and Senior Officials Meeting on Education (SOM-ED) in serval workshops (Kick-off Workshop and  Drafting Workshop) and online exchanges over the course of the past months.

The declaration aims at heightening ASEAN’s responsiveness to the opportunities arising from the changing world of work by providing member states with 15 concrete recommended actions to prepare the ASEAN workforce for a changing world of work.

To list a few, the declaration highlighted the importance of:

  1. Fostering life-long learning culture in societies and promote the importance of investing in skills development;
  2. Strengthening relationship between government and private sectors, as well as ASEAN and ASEAN’s external partners.
  3. Inclusivity in education, employment, quality skills training, and job opportunities especially for women, people with disabilities, the elderly, and residents in remote areas;
  4. Strengthen/establish inter-agency bodies on human resource development across the areas of education, training, industrial development, and labour governance;
  5. Innovations and the use of technology in teaching and learning approaches, and developing infrastructure to ensure access to the internet and information technology.

Download the full declaration and find more detailed information here.

Notably, the declaration is also a big step forward for the ASEAN institutional landscape in TVET as it incorporates the establishment of the ASEAN TVET Council (ATC). The ATC is a new regional, inter-sectoral TVET body tasked with the coordination, research and development and monitoring of regional programmes to support the advancement of TVET in the region. Find more details about the ATC here.

What is next?

The “ASEAN Declaration On Human Resources Development For The Changing World of Work” will be followed by ASEAN Human Resource Development Roadmap that will outline initiatives to turn the declaration into action. The Roadmap is to be released at the end of 2020.

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For more information on Vietnam’s leadership as the ASEAN Chair 2020 make sure to check out the interview with Minister Dao Ngoc Dung in the ASEAN Magazine, in which he explains why Viet Nam believes preparing the region’s workforce is a priority.




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