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60,000 Visitors Witness Youth Showcase Skills at TVET Day

   Posted on 09.07.2024 by Content Admin, Khmer Times


Nop Sreymao | Khmer Times

CAMBODIA. Khmer Times (19 June 2024) - The 7th annual Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Day was held successfully with an expanded programme last Saturday and Sunday, while students expressed their excitement at an opportunity to showcase their projects.

Katta Orn, spokesman for the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, said yesterday that the number of visitors was about 60,000 and the event ran smoothly.

He added that visitors had shown a strong interest in the vocational training programmes all throughout the weekend’s events.

Youths, parents and partners from both the public and private sectors are interested in the TVET programme,” said Orn. “Through this event, I hope that the number of enrolments will increase as the vocational training programme becomes more widely known.”

Pona David, a student at the National Technical Training Institute (NTTI), said on the day of the event that he finds these programmes very useful and an opportunity for him to develop his skills.

“It allows us as students to gain so many new experiences and we are all sharing our knowledge today as well,” he said. “I am so glad that such an event takes place. It really helps me so much to learn from other students and develop my own skills.”

Interactive robots with the ability to speak up to six languages were on exhibit at the event and caught the attention of crowds of attendees.

“My team and I are showing a robot that we all cooperated on to create, as well as other projects related to technology made by our team members,” said David. “The robot being displayed took us about a year to finish and I was responsible for its programming.”

David added that people with advanced technology skills are still of limited availability in the Kingdom and he urged young people to consider choosing to study technical subjects in order to advance their careers and boost Cambodia’s reputation for science and technology.

Soun Komsan, an electronics student from the Cambodian-Thai Skills Development Institute (CTSDI), was presenting his garbage gathering machine, which has the capability to clean up trash from water resources such as lakes.

“This machine can be used to collect the trash thrown into the water, and it will automatically collect all the trash into bags,” he said. “It can be really useful and it can be run with infinite renewable energy, such as solar power.”

He said he hopes that in the future his idea will attract support and investment from larger companies and one day the machines will be up and running in various places across Cambodia to ensure cleaner water sources.

“I would like to encourage those who just finished or are about to finish high school to consider choosing one skill that can help them chase their dreams. With the 1.5 million vocational training programme placements established by the government, it’s a lot easier now for those who come from underprivileged backgrounds to get trained and find a decent job,” Komsan stated.

Mao Somnang, Vice-President of the Department of Electronics at NTTI, expressed why he thinks TVET Day is important.

“TVET Day is very beneficial for our students. They are showcasing their achievements and the creativity that they gained during their studies,” said Somnang.

He also noted that the current trends for job skills are all focused on technology, which is why many students are now pursuing subjects that are tech-related.

“Many students are currently into technology and they are required to have good research skills, especially in mechanics, electronics and programming,” he said. “These are the three main skills needed in order for them to create smart machines in response to market demand.”

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