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Hanoi's Vocational Students Gain Practical Skills through Business Collaborations

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HANOI. Vietnam News (16 May 2024) Vocational education in Hà Nội has incorporated many innovations, in which schools closely cooperate with businesses to sign employment contracts right from the time students are studying in schools.

As a student majoring in baking at the Cooking, Tourism and Fashion Vocational School, Phan Thị Bích Hiền had memorable experiences in a baking and introducing products session.

The session was held at a job transaction and consultancy in Sơn Tây Town, near her school.

Hiền is now studying for a double degree, both high school official curriculum and vocational training.

“Not only can we practice our profession, but we can also participate in many useful interactive activities, such as job searching skills and receiving advice about future jobs," said Hiền.

Giang Huyền Trang, an 11th grader at the Sơn Tây Town Centre for Vocational Education, could not hide her excitement after practising operating an excavator under the guidance of a lecturer from the Central College of Transport 1.

Trang said, "This experience shows me that I can choose to study many professions that, when I first heard about it, seemed to be only for men. Job opportunities are opening up for young people with good mechanical and technological skills."

Head of the Electronics and Refrigeration Industry Faculty under the Hà Nội College of High Technology (HHT) Nguyễn Thị Hồng told the Hà Nội Mới (New Hà Nội) newspaper that the model of "One day studying as a college student" attracted a great number of high school and junior secondary school students.

It creates conditions for them to access modern equipment and teaching methods associated with professional practice.

“The work helps them choose schools and careers that are closer to their practical needs," she said.

Nguyễn Đức Minh, Head of the Organisation and Administration Division under the Hà Nội Community College, said that the school was increasing direct access to junior secondary and high school students.

The students are allowed to visit the college and experience the work here so that they can choose a suitable profession to study.

It also organises career experience tours to enterprises, providing real practice for learners.

Close connection

Hà Nội now has 313 vocational schools.

Their mission is to train 235,000 people this year, striving to raise the rate of trained workers to 74.2 per cent.

To realise this goal, the focus is on strengthening connections between the State, schools, and businesses in vocational education.

Talking about new points in the enrolment this year, Hồng emphasised, "With close connection between schools, businesses and students, all parties achieve the goal of effectively combining learning and practising when the students are still in schools.”

Many businesses highly appreciate the HHT's training effectiveness and are willing to lend their production lines to serve students’ practice.

Typically, the HHT signed a cooperation agreement with the XtechFuture Co Ltd in March last year.

The company will train second-year students as automation technicians.

It will also support equipment for teaching and learning, and support training costs for the school.

At the end of the training course, excellent students can intern and work at large-scale companies and enterprises such as Apple, Compal, Justech and Luxshare. — VNS

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