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Open Call for ASEFClassNet17 School Collaboration Virtual Knowledge and Capacity Building for Teachers

   Posted on 14.03.2024 by SEA-VET Admin SEAVET ADMIN, Asia-Europe Foundation


Open Call – ASEFClassNet17 School Collaboration
Virtual Knowledge and Capacity Building for Teachers

If you are a secondary, high or vocation school teacher/trainee teacher and looking for a platform to collaborate and work with peers in Asia and Europe, then this opportunity is just for you!

Established in 1998, the ASEF Classroom Network (ASEFClassNet) connects secondary school teachers, teacher trainers, researchers, policy makers and EdTech experts across Asia and Europe. The Network provides opportunities for collaborative teaching & learning and focuses on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and the potential of cutting-edge education technology in the secondary education sector.

ASEFClassNet17 School Collaboration in 2024 is a capacity-building project for teachers and trainee teachers at the secondary education level. It aims to enhance teaching & learning environments in secondary, high, and vocational schools across Asia and Europe on the topic of “Learning about AI and Learning with AI”.

The programme is a completely free of charge and fully accessible.


For over two decades, the ASEF Classroom Network (ASEFClassNet) has been providing capacity-building opportunities for collaborative teaching and learning and a platform to explore the potential of cutting-edge EdTech tools and the integration of ESD in secondary, high, and vocational schools in Asia and Europe. Its target group is broad, given its intergenerational & multi-stakeholder outreach. It ranges from students, teachers, school leaders, teacher trainers, researchers, policymakers, and to EdTech experts. Since its inception, more than 2,100 teachers from Asia and Europe have participated in various activities and become members of the ASEF Classroom Network. As a result, more than 35,000 students have been engaged in 430 Asia-Europe School Collaborations and local spin-off activities.

ASEFClassNet17 Topic Overview

In the rapidly evolving landscape of education, today the conversation about the potential and risks of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Education is an important discussion topic. Building up on the last edition ASEFClassNet16 that focused on “Leading Change: Digital Transformation of Education in the Era of AI”, the 17th edition project series will focuses on the topic “Learning about AI and Learning with AI”.  It will allows us to dig deeper into issues on AI&ED and AIED, considering the significance and transformative role of AI in education. It will explore two distinct yet interconnected dimensions of AI in education: 

Learning about AI

This theme will look at  equipping teachers and students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, utilize, and contribute to the evolving field of AI. Some of the key aspects include AI Literacy, AI Ethics, AI Industry, Skill needs. ASEFClassNet17 will also explore building awareness, knowledge, and competencies of both the human and technological dimensions of AI, to understand what AI is and what it is not, how it works and how to create it, and its social, ethical, and human implications. 

Learning with AI

Learning with AI refers to the integration of AI technologies into teaching and learning practices. It focuses on building knowledge and understanding to critically evaluate the relevant use of AI and issues that concern the use of AI such as purpose, pedagogy, privacy, security, and ethics. ASEFClassNet17 will showcase such tools and the critical thinking skill necessary for teachers before applying any of these tools. 

To learn more about the School Collaboration, please take a look at the Open Call Webpage:


What is a School Collaboration?

This activity is for teachers, trainee teachers, and school leaders at the secondary education level to develop their knowledge on the topic as well as advocacy and leadership skills for integrating ethical and effective AI innovation in classrooms across Asian and European schools. 

The first stage of the programme in 2024 is the Virtual Knowledge and Capacity Building Programme that is a 4-month long (April-July2024) activity taking place online. It offers and international learning and collaboration platform for participants to enhance their pedagogy and improve their leadrship in digital transformation in the era of AI. Participating teachers will work in pairs or small teams to design Innovative Teaching Practices on Learning about AI or Learning with AI, to test and implement in their schools. We fully expect longer term collaboration among teachers and their schools. 

To learn more about the ASEFClassNet17 School Collaborations, check this website. 

Who Should Apply?

Citizens* of Asian and European countries who are:

  • Teachers, school leaders, and any educators at the secondary, vocational, or high school level;
  • Trainee teachers, who are currently students at a university to become teachers.

*Asia: Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam.

*Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

To find out more about eligibility, selection criteria, and application process check:


Programme Design

The Virtual Knowledge & Capacity Building Stage of the ASEFClassNet17 School  Collaboration is taking place online between April to July 2024.

The programme has two key phases: 

(i) Self-Learning (4 Sessions): Participants will learn from and interact with experts on the thematic/technical areas to build relevant knowledge on the topic.  There will be a introduction session on 24 April 2024 prior to the Self-Learning phase.

(ii) Team-Learning (7 Sessions): Participants will exchange ideas and critically reflect on their learning in teams. They will be paired up (Asia-Europe) to collaboratively design an Innovative Teaching Practice (ITP) in this phase, with the guidance of mentors. Participants will pitch their ITP ideas at the last session.

To learn more about the specific sessions and what they entail check the detailed Programme: 


What Commitment is Needed?

The ASEFClassNet17 Knowledge and Capacity Building Programme will start in April 2024 and end in July 2024. Participating teachers need to commit to set aside ca. 2-4 hours per week to participate fully.

Selected participants are expected to:

  • Fully participate in 12 online sessions taking place on each Wednesday, between 16.00-17.30 Singapore time (GMT+8)  (est. 18.5 hours in total)
  • Design an Innovative Teaching Practice (ITP) with their pair and individually meet up with each other and their mentor as needed (est. 20 hours)


  • An international peer-to-peer learning platform to critically reflect on ongoing AI innovation in K-12 education for effective quality teaching and learning
  • Enhancement of your knowledge and leadership competencies for AI&ED and AIED, and raise awareness and promote meaningful discussions on significance of ethical AI
  • Colleagues to collaborate with and jointly design Innovative Teaching Practices (ITP) that can become Open Education Resources and benefit all teachers 
  • Opportunities to enhance digital competences and to receive recommendations on how to improve & maximise the use of existing  technology and resources.
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