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Cambodia puts Tech at the core of Teacher Development

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Hang Punreay | Khmer Times

CAMBODIA. The Khmer Times (13 December 2023) The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) is reforming teacher training institutions by focusing on developing teachers’ skills in content, pedagogical lessons, teaching methods and the use of teaching technology so that teachers can achieve a higher level of professionalism.

At the launch ceremony of the “Teacher policy for 2024-2030” action plan on Friday, Minister of Education Hang Chuon Naron said: “The ministry will continue to develop teachers to improve their professionalism and as knowledge providers at the school level in line with government policy.”

He added that in order to achieve these goals, the ministry will continue to reform teacher training by improving training programmes.

The professional development of teacher trainees in the content of pedagogical lessons and teaching methods and the use of technology in teaching will be implemented, he said.

The minister said that teaching infrastructure will be developed in line with new technologies, libraries and modern facilities, as well as developing leadership and management skills, especially linking theory to the implementation of pedagogical curricula to deliver quality training.

He also thanked the Teacher Development Committee and relevant partners, especially UNICEF, through the Education Development Partnership Fund, for their cooperation and financial and technical support to develop and implement action plans, teacher policy and to achieve positive results over many years.

Ministry spokeswoman Khuon Vicheka said on Monday that the 2024-2030 teacher policy is a comprehensive teacher development strategy focused on teachers across the country in response to the demands of the 21st century.

She added that in terms of teaching and learning technology, the ministry is paying attention to both curriculum infrastructure and teaching materials, as well as face-to-face classroom teaching and online learning.

The ministry has installed a network of pedagogical schools across the country to connect from one building to another, with adequate internet access and online meeting rooms, as well as multi-purpose classrooms and libraries at pedagogical schools and soft copies will be available in Khmer, French and English languages for student research in the library.

She said that in pedagogical schools, there are also computer labs so that teachers and students can use and learn using computer technology and gain life skills in the 21st century.

“The ministry always pays attention to students living in urban areas, the capital, provinces, cities, and rural and remote areas. We will do our best to ensure that students living in these different environments receive a formal education,” she said.

Huon Ratha, a teacher at the lower secondary level, said that the reform of teacher training institutions, focusing on the development of teachers’ skills in the content of pedagogical lessons, teaching methods and the use of teaching technology, will improve the capacity of teachers at all levels nationwide.

“We fully support the Ministry of Education’s reforms because we believe that these will herald a new phase in education and make the teaching sector in Cambodia more prosperous,” he said.

On Sunday, the Ministry of Education announced that the teacher policy for 2024-2030 is an important document to support the implementation of the Pentagonal Strategy-Phase I, which the government considers the first priority area to develop human capital for knowledge and high capacity, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and high ethics to contribute to social development and sustainable environmental economic growth.

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