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Youth Program blends tech edu with environmental conservation

   Posted on 03.01.2024 by Content Admin, The Jakarta Post


INDONESIA. The Jakarta Post (26 December 2023) The Peat and Mangrove Restoration Agency (BRGM) actively contributes to nurturing an outstanding generation through collaboration with the Education, Culture, Research and Technology Ministry and universities via the Certified Internship Program (MSIB) Sobat Muda Gambut – Mangrove 2023.

This program aims to instill awareness and a sense of responsibility in the next generation regarding the environment and society. It enables students to disseminate information and knowledge related to peat restoration and mangrove rehabilitation by involving them in hands-on learning at BRGM. The MSIB program is a five-month internship, equivalent to 20 credits. Out of 7,648 applicants, 142 students from 58 universities across Indonesia were selected to participate. Internship participants are assigned to 16 job positions, both at the Jakarta office and in the 13 priority provinces of the BRGM, guided by 35 mentors who are BRGM employees.

The MSIB batch five Sobat Muda Gambut – Mangrove internship program has been ongoing from August to December. Selected students have undergone various stages, including technical preparation, on-site internship orientation, practical internship, report and presentation preparation and final participant evaluation.

In addition to preparing young people before they enter the workforce, the BRGM also strives to mobilize the youth in real efforts for peat restoration and accelerated mangrove rehabilitation. Erna Rahayu, head of the Cooperation Sub-Working Group at the BRGM, stated, “We aim to assist the youth as the golden generation by providing pre-employment experience. In this regard, our goal is to raise awareness and understanding among young people about the peat and mangrove ecosystems.”

Erna, also the coordinator of MSIB Sobat Muda Gambut – Mangrove 2023, said, “We collaborated with Kemendikbud-Ristek and universities in implementing the Certified Internship Program in 2023. The aim is to provide students with direct application of the knowledge and competencies gained during their education while adapting to the working world. In this program, the BRGM not only provides theory and concepts but also involves participants in direct field activities.”

A representative from one of the MSIB mentors, Dio, said, "Through MSIB, I gained a lot of inspiration from the internship participants. The fresh ideas proposed by the interns turned out to help us in implementing peat and mangrove restoration activities in the field. The development of skills and initiatives from the interns has also improved significantly during this program. The hope is that through this program, participants can apply what they have learned in their future jobs.”

The benefits of the MSIB program are felt by Bayu Bagaskara, one of the participants and representatives of the MSIB Sobat Muda Gambut – Mangrove 2023 tribe. Bayu stated, “Through the MSIB program, my experience has expanded. Previously, I was less familiar with peat and mangroves, then we were directly invited to see the conditions on-site and the life of the local community in the intervention location. Not only that, we also participated in FGDs to deepen insights related to peat. With various activities, we naturally learned to manage time, which is expected to carry over when working later.” After receiving various positive responses from various parties, BRGM's internship activities through the MSIB Sobat Muda Gambut – Mangrove program will continue with batch six, from February to June 2024, with a quota of 170 participants. The announcement for the MSIB 2024 registration can be found on BRGM's Instagram page or the following link: http://bit.ly/3O3hESz .

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