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Vietnam and France set new direction in Vocational Training Cooperation

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VIETNAM. Vietnam Plus (14 April 2023) Vietnam and France have witnessed win-win cooperation in vocational training, and partnerships among localities of the two nations in the field are being seen as a new direction in decentralised cooperation between the two countries.

A cooperation project in vocational training and language exchange between Vocational High School Horticultural Le Petit Chadignac of France and Thang Long High School for the Gifted in Da Lat of Vietnam is a typical example, which brings benefits to both sides.

The partnership between the two schools aims to promote educational cooperation in training French language and agriculture, and enhance mutual understanding between students of the educational institutions through language practice and career exchange among their students.

Savoie Sandrine, the project coordinator of the French side, said the project has proven effective, contributing to connecting students of the two schools. She expressed her belief that the partnership will be further promoted in the future.

Michel Amblard, Vice President of the Department of Agriculture of Charente-Maritime province, affirmed that the provincial authority is ready to welcome international students, including those from Vietnam, to exchange views and jointly build research projects on agricultural development in both France and Vietnam.

Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toan Thang said that agriculture is the strength of both countries, and the cooperation model between the two schools opened up prospects and great opportunities for the two countries to boost agricultural cooperation in the future.

He underlined the need to expand cooperation models in the field, thus contributing to promoting Vietnamese farm produce to France, and Europe.

With similarities between the two schools, their cooperation project is expected to become a model in decentralised cooperation between Vietnamese and French localities./.

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