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Two new institutions aimed to tackle manpower issue

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JAKARTA. Antara News (29 December 2022) - The Manpower Ministry inaugurated the Indonesian Training Institution Association (HILLSI) and Indonesian Vocational Training Institution Forum (Forlat Vokasi) to optimize the role of the two institutions in the world of vocational training.

"The ministry initiated inauguration of the two organizations as a form of support to the two and consider them as partners in vocational training development," Ministry's Training and Productivity Development Director General Budi Hartawan remarked.

This dream can be realized if stakeholders can collaborate and synergize to develop vocational training in Indonesia, primarily through trainings held by the Work Training Institution (LPK), Hartawan noted through his statement, Wednesday.

An example of this includes the active role of HILLSI and Forlat Vokasi in helping the government in resolving manpower issues in Indonesia, specifically in improving human resources' competence through vocational training.

This is because the manpower issue, primarily unemployment, has become a problem across different sectors.

Thus, its eradication requires collaboration and synergy between different stakeholders, such as the central and regional governments.

"The ministry, through the Vocational Training Institutional Development Directorate, will continue to improve skilled, competent, and competitive human resources that can compete in the working world," Hartawan remarked.

Chairperson of Forlat Vokasi Mesra Betty Yel stated that the involvement of HILLSI and Forlat Vokasi is expected to create quality human resources that are ready to work and be able to resolve the manpower issue.

Their involvement is also expected to support job seekers in penetrating the work market.

Collaboration and synergy between stakeholders should continue to be conducted and intensified, so that trained human resources will not only become skilled but also be able to embark on entrepreneurship, she stated.

The training is also expected to have a multiplier effect, such as in the form of availability of skilled workforce, expansion of work opportunities, and creation of jobs as a catalyst in eradicating poverty and improving the people's prosperity.

The issuance of Presidential Regulation No. 68 of 2022 on vocational education and vocational training revitalization became an extraordinary boon for the development of vocation in Indonesia, she remarked.

This can be an effort to handle manpower challenges and serve as an answer for the current demand, she added.

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