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App promotes a digital and inclusive learning experience

   Posted on 27.12.2022 by Content Admin, The Manila Times


PHILIPPINES. The Manila Times (26 December 2022) - An app is strongly supporting the newly launched three-year project of ChildFund Philippines and ChildInitiative for children with disabilities in Bacolod City.

The Moodle app is among the highlights of Project Achieve while the app is an open-source platform for online learning that enables teachers to create online courses, add assignments and keep track of students' progress.

It also allows teachers to communicate with the students and encourage communication between them in forums and discussions.

With Moodle as the platform, the modules developed under Project Achieve will supplement and enrich the hybrid learning experience of children with hearing and visual impairments.

"Project Achieve is another innovative solution that is aimed at creating a positive impact for children who need assistance," said Dong Waña, ChildFund Philippines Program and Sponsorship director. "This is aligned with our commitment to make inclusive, relevant and equitable education accessible to children, especially those with disabilities."

"ChildFund Philippines has been exploring ways to incorporate digital program delivery into its programs and Project Achieve's modules for learners with disabilities are among its first demonstrations," said ChildFund Philippines education specialist Marlene Floresca.

Floresca added that the modules through the Moodle app were intentionally designed to accommodate the learning needs of hearing- and visually-impaired children.

"It is intended to be a supplemental learning delivery mode that should be easily navigated by children with disabilities and their parents/caregivers. It shall complement self-learning modules," she shared.

ChildInitiative and ChildFund worked with experts from the Department of Education to form a technical working group that closely looked at technicalities and all program- and operations-related issues regarding the Moodle app as a learning management system.

Meanwhile, ChildFund Australia has reiterated its support for the initiative that gives equal opportunity for children with disability to access quality education. "The project fosters a collaborative approach to children's education; we like that the parents, teachers and school systems are working together to ensure that barriers to education are addressed," said ChildFund Australia partnership advisor Rouena Clemente Getigan.

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