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Brunei scores high in voctech skills international index ranking

   Posted on 28.11.2022 by SEA-VET Admin SEAVET ADMIN, Borneo Bulletin


BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN. Borneo Bulletin (11 November 2022) - Brunei took 18th spot globally for vocational and technical (voctech) skills and triumphed in mid-level skills at 12th place in this year’s Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2022 (GTCI 2022) published in early November.

The Sultanate ranked 41st overall, up by six spots compared to last year’s ranking of 47th, and seventh in South-East Asia, Eastern and Oceania region for best talent (after Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and China).

GTCI 2022 is published by INSEAD in collaboration with Portulans Institute and the Human Capital Leadership Institute and launched during the school’s SDG week.

In the Retaining Talent indicator, the Sultanate was in 43rd place, but topped the rankings in pension coverage.

Brunei was 50th in Enabling Talent and Global Knowledge, 51st in Attracting Talent and 53rd in Growing Talent.

Switzerland, Singapore and Denmark are the most talent-competitive countries, according to the GTCI 2022.

The United States (US) ranked fourth, and many European economies continue to dominate – Sweden (fifth), Netherlands (sixth), Norway (seventh), Finland (eighth) and the United Kingdom (10th).

France (19th), managed to retain its spot from last year, the highest position it has held.

The non-European countries among the top 25 are Australia (ninth), Canada (15th), New Zealand (18th), Israel (23rd), Japan (24th) and the United Arab Emirates (25th).

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