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IDN Mengajar - Google IT Support at Universitas Pembangunan Jaya Tangerang

   Posted on 17.10.2022 by Boby Wahyu Saputra, IDN


Submission by Boby Wahyu Saputra | IDN Talent Development Manager

Edited by SEA-VET

SMK IDN students with Networking Majority conducted classes for Engineering students at Universitas Pembangunan Jaya Tangerang Informatics.

Two TKJ students of SMK IDN Boarding School Jonggol Senatrya Restu Nova Fatihah and Muhammad Fadhlan Wahyudi (From class 11 TKJ accompanied by IDN IT Trainer Rahmat Wijaya were presenters at the Google IT support event as well as the IDN Teaching event for dozens of Informatics Engineering students at the Pembangunan Jaya University (UPJ) Tangerang on 15-19 August 2022 yesterday.

Nova and Fadlan as they are familiarly called, admitted that they did not find it difficult when teaching 34 students, most of whom were semester 5 and semester 7 students majoring in Informatics Engineering and several majoring in Information Systems.

The material taught was Mikrotik MTCNA for two days and CCNA material for the next two days. While the Linux Fundamental material was taught on the fifth day.

The Google IT Support Program Coordinator, Fatkul Toriq, expressed his pride in the success of the Google IT Support training this time. "With support from Google.org, the Plan International Indonesia Foundation together with INCO awarded 10,000 Google Career Certificates - IT Support Specialist scholarships to job seekers, youth, and other communities in Indonesia," he claims.

"Alhamdulillah, the program has succeeded smoothly, even though they are still students, but they can deliver MTCNA and CCNA materials in front of dozens of students who are in 5th and 7th semesters on average," he said.

UPJ student majoring in Information Systems, Monica Aditia Putri expressed her gratitude to the committee and instructors for the material and to all committees and UPJ lecturers who have organized the google IT Support event this time

"Mas rahmat, mas nova, mas fadlan thank you very much, the material is very helpful, and they have been very generous in sharing the material and also the entire committee and Mrs. Safitri, UPJ lecturer who has organized this event, which has been very helpful for UPJ students," said Monica.


Boby Wahyu Saputra

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