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Regional Meeting Strengthens the ASEAN Standard for In-company Trainers in the Digital Era

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THAILAND. GIZ (1 August 2022) - As part of the continuous collaboration to strengthen the Standard and Implementation of In-Company Training in the region, 25 delegates from 10 ASEAN countries representing the public and private sectors in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) convened at the 9th Plus Steering Committee Meeting on the ASEAN Standard for In-Company Trainers on 1st -2ndAugust 2022, in Pattaya, Thailand. The meeting was organised by the Regional Cooperation for the Development of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (RECOTVET).

Every member country has a long-standing partnership in supporting and implementing activities related to the ASEAN Standard for In-Company Trainers. We see the benefits not only in technical advancement, but also in sharing lessons learned and exchanging implementation experiences,” said Mrs. Jullada Meejul, Deputy Director General of the Thailand Professional Qualification Institute (TPQI).

The key objectives of the meeting were to discuss Master Trainers’ new competencies related to digitalisation and technological advancements, to review progress and share good practices of in-company training at the national level, to recap the regional activity outlook, and to discuss the sustainability and certification of training on the Standard for In-Company Trainers in ASEAN Countries, or in short the ASEAN In-CT Standard, at the local and regional levels for Master Trainers and In-Company Trainers.

In-Company Trainers generally refers to all trainers, workers and personnel in companies, whose work involves training, teaching, or mentoring other personnel. To produce in-company trainers, Master Trainers are required. In RECOTVET’s previous phases, Master Trainers were trained to be able to design, conduct, and evaluate trainings in their country to equip In-Company Trainers with the competencies described in the ASEAN In-CT Standard.

Moreover, in response to the fast-paced technological developments as well as shifting training delivery from face-to-face to blended-learning, RECOTVET phase III particularly focuses on equipping Master Trainers with new additional digital competencies to better deliver in-company training in the digital era.

Did you know?

In its preceding phase, RECOTVET aimed to strengthen in-company training in the ASEAN region through the development of the Standard for In-Company Trainers in ASEAN Countries (ASEAN In-CT Standard) and the Regional Master Trainers Training for In-Company Training (for more details of the standard, please follow this link).

The Standard has been developed by 60 experts across the region to establish competencies in-company trainers need to effectively transfer practical knowledge to students, apprentices and employees both as part and not as part of a TVET system.

Prior to the on-site meeting, the 9th Steering Committee meeting took place virtually on 29th March 2022 to update the members on the current situation analysis of in-company training in the changing work environments in the digital era. It was accompanied by three virtual Technical Working Group meetings between April and May in the form of focus group for in-depth discussions.  At the 9th Plus Steering Committee Meeting, committee members were updated on the results of digital competencies and blended learning and provided positive feedback from a holistic viewpoint.

These additional digital competencies of Master Trainers include, for example, to develop digital learning and teaching materials, and to establish the cooperation between TVET institutions and companies in harnessing the benefits of digitalisation.

During the 2-day meeting, each country actively shared current progress, challenges, and achievements as well as action plans at the local level for in-company training in line with the ASEAN In-CT Standard until 2023. The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI)’s e-learning course for in-company trainers was also shared and received positive feedback from the Steering Committee members in terms of applicability and further adaptation at both the regional and local levels.

On the regional sustainability and certification, Dr. Paryono, Specialist and Deputy Director of SEAMEO VOCTECH, a regional centre of excellence in TVET, emphasised that “The way forward is to continue synchronising, improving and offering Master Trainers and In-Company Trainers Training and certification through consultation with potential partners and experts, including RECOTVET, ASEAN TVET Council (ATC), ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ABAC), ASEAN Future Workforce Council (AFWC), ASEAN Quality Assurance Network (AQAN), SEAMEO VOCTECH and other Trainers Training providers.”

With recommendations received from the meeting, RECOTVET plans to support streamlining the competencies and training contents and developing training materials. The training for Master Trainers on additional digital competencies and blended learning is expected to take place in 2023.



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