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New International College offers innovative courses to prepare students as global workforce

   Posted on 01.09.2022 by Content Admin, Bangkok Post


BANGKOK. Bangkok Post (24 September 2022) - Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology (TNI) Grand Opening of Thai-Nichi International College (TNIC) To empower graduates who are distinctive and ready for the global workforce. 

Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology (TNI) has committed itself over the past 15 years to consistently churning out graduates who are knowledgeable and skilled enough to satisfy the expectations of the job market. The Institute has updated the quality of education to be competent in the global arena with the rapidly evolving advancements in disruptive technologies. With the formal launch of International College (THAI-NICHI INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE: TNIC), courses with high demand in the job market have been designed to produce graduates who are unique and prepared for the global workforce. 

International College (TNIC) was founded with the goal of becoming an innovative international college with interdisciplinary teaching and learning curriculum. To achieve this goal, the curriculum was was designed to combine the strengths of business administration, information technology, engineering, and communication arts to create a new avenue of knowledge in teaching and learning from each program, and to maximize learners’ potential by helping them to acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills, as well as the readiness to increase the availability of study options among international students. 

TNIC is the only institute in Thailand where three languages are taught across the board for all courses: English, Japanese, and Thai. With English as the medium of instruction, TNIC is dedicated to establishing worldwide standards of education and fostering cultural diversity. With a team of qualified faculty members who are skilled in both theory and practice, the usage of English, Japanese, and Thai helps to enhance learning abilities involving exposure and cross-cultural communication to expand the horizons of the global job market among students.

Currently, Thai-Nichi International College (TNIC) offers bachelor degree courses in five majors:

  1. Digital Engineering (DGE) with a perfect blend of Mechatronics, Digital Manufacturing, and Robotics Utilizing IOT to integrate and produce engineers with the ability to work towards the goals of Industry 4.0.
  2. Business Engineering and Innovation (BEI) is a cross disciplinary combination of engineering and business management for sustainable productivity through innovation.
  3. International Business and Entrepreneurship (IBN) is a mix of International Business Management, and creation of entrepreneurs.
  4. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DSA) focuses on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics to create and enable data driven decision making for business strategies and to be robust enough with skills that are needed for continuously and fast evolving digital disruption.
  5. Japanese for International Business (JIB) program focusing on the intensive Japanese language skills used to cater the international business community.

At present, there are students from Japan, Algeria, Bhutan, India, Philippines, Malaysia, France, China, and Yemen pursuing their studies at Thai-Nichi International College (TNIC).

TNIC offers a scholarship scheme for students with 25% - 50% of the tuition fees exempted throughout the course. Opportunities like exchange programs with universities in Japan, co-operative education training and internships with Thai and multinational companies are given to all students in addition to learning in classrooms. This helps the graduates of TNIC increase their employability par in excellence with the workforce required in ASEAN, Japan and elsewhere.

To support, promote, and collaborate on various projects, internships, cooperative education, training and academic services, TNIC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Panus Assembly Co., Ltd., Applicad Co., Ltd., and Mitutoyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. on August 19, 2022. The exchange of theoretical and practical knowledge between academics and professionals in MNCs to be emanated among students so they can groom themselves with the skills with higher demand and start working soon after graduation. The ability to generate 100% employable graduates who are career-ready is one among the strengths of TNIC.

While TNIC places a greater emphasis on a global perspective, Monodzukuri principle is the core value that aims to develop graduates who can think and act with creativity. This empowers our graduates with a plethora of technologies to swim across the tides of industrial demands in the digital era.

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