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SEAMEO VOCTECH | Bazilah Alihan, Reena Lim Bee Yew

BRUNEI DARUSSALAM. (SEAMEO VOCTECH, 23 July 2022) - SEAMEO VOCTECH marked another important milestone with the launch of the SEA-VET Learning Platform and SEAMEO VOCTECH’s Smart Lab in the presence of Yang Berhormat Datin Seri Setia Dr. Hajah Romaizah binti Haji Mohd Salleh, Minister of Education, Brunei Darussalam, who officially launched the regional centre’s new endeavor on 23rd July 2022.

The SEA-VET Learning and SEAMEO VOCTECH Smart Lab reflects the growth of the regional TVET knowledge platform SEA-VET.net – a joint project between SEAMEO VOCTECH and GIZ-RECOTVET that started in 2018 to bridge the fragmented TVET information and knowledge across Southeast Asia.

Offerings of SEA-VET Learning include various interactive courses, both synchronous and asynchronous, that may lead to certification and micro-credentials; while SEAMEO VOCTECH’s Smart Lab promises a new set-up for TVET teachers, trainers and trainees to learn, develop and share teaching-learning resources using the recent and interactive technology.

SEAMEO VOCTECH Centre Director Alias bin Haji Abu Bakar during his speech at the launching ceremony

Centre Director, Mr. Alias bin Haji Abu Bakar opened the launching ceremony and, in his speech expressed utmost gratefulness to the Ministry of Education Brunei Darussalam, the German Government, and partners GIZ-RECOTVET and private partners such as Labtech International and FESTO Didactic; as well as the supportive leadership and guidance from the Permanent Secretary of Higher Education, Ministry of Education of Brunei Darussalam and SEAMEO Secretariat, for their invaluable contribution to the success and uptake of SEA-VET.net. 

“The launching of SEA-VET Learning signifies an important development in SEA-VET.net, our regional knowledge platform for TVET. This launching, therefore, is a celebration of a remarkable journey of partnership and collaboration between SEAMEO VOCTECH and GIZ-RECOTVET that is also supported by the Ministry of Education and private sectors. Having a regional knowledge platform for TVET in Southeast Asia was just a dream 5 years ago, and now we can proudly attest to the fact that it is running well.” Mr. Alias exclaimed.

GIZ RECOTVET Programme Director Ingo Imhoff deliver a speech during the launch ceremony

Programme Director of GIZ-RECOTVET Mr. Ingo Imhoff was also present for the milestone, and echoed the Centre Director’s sentiment how the support; both in terms of financial and manpower – provided by Ministry of Education Brunei and complementary to the support by the German government have made the SEA-VET learning possible.

He commended the success of SEA-VET.net and SEAMEO VOCTECH in embracing digital teaching and learning solutions as core element of its services to TVET in Southeast Asia noting it as important step in making such services more resilient and in reaching wider groups of recipients.

“The planned cooperation with the ASEAN TVET Council or the “Skills for Business” website for the private sector page in cooperation with the ASEAN Business Advisory Council underline the great potential of SEA-VET.net and SEA-VET Learning. This is truly and increasingly becoming “the TVET platform for Southeast Asia” a resource cherished by a wide range of TVET stakeholders and an asset of increasing value to SEAMEO VOCTECH and SEAMEO as a whole.” He further added.

The launch was graciously met with a positive outlook by Yang Berhormat Datin Seri Setia Dr. Hajah Romaizah who noted her delight that the collaboration between SEAMEO VOCTECH and GIZ-RECOTVET, particularly on SEA-VET.net has entered a new phase.

On the SEA-VET platform extending its function to cater for e-learning, Yang Berhormat Datin Seri Setia Dr. Hajah Romaizah acknowledged the pedagogical challenges that come with digital teaching and learning; as this is where emerging technologies play a crucial role in enabling more innovative and engaging teaching methods and learning experiences in TVET.

During the launch, Yang Berhormat Datin Seri Setia Dr. Hajah Romaizah expresses her hopes for the SEAMEO VOCTECH’s Smart Lab to address the issue by providing an avenue for TVET teachers, learners, and learning media developers, to learn, collaborate and co-develop resources using interactive technology; including gaming, simulation, VR, AR, extended reality (XR), and mixed reality, and aims not only to enhance but ultimately improve teaching and learning.

“Digitalising is critically dependent upon the digital competences of its teachers, it is incumbent upon the SEA-VET platform and Smart Lab as well as all relevant industry players to ensure that TVET teachers are well-supported with the necessary knowledge and skills; I applaud SEAMEO VOCTECH for staying true to its mandate which is “to assist the SEAMEO-member countries to identify and solve common problems in technical vocational education and training.” Expressed Yang Berhormat Datin in her speech.

During the MOA signing between SEAMEO VOCTECH and Festo Didactic SE. Signing on behalf of SEAMEO VOCTECH were Dr. Paryono, Deputy Director Professional Affairs and Mr. Alias, Centre Director; witnessed by YB Datin Seri Setia Dr. Hajah Romaizah and Her Excellency Ms. Gerda Winkler  

Following the launch, was the signing of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Addendum between SEAMEO VOCTECH and LabTech International, and another MOA between our Centre and FESTO Didactic SE which took place in hybrid mode; with Yang Berhormat Datin Seri Setia as witness to the signing and Her Excellency, Ms. Gerda Winkler, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Brunei Darussalam, acting as additional witness for the latter signing of MOA.

Among some of the potential areas and scope of cooperation of the Memorandum of Agreement between SEAMEO VOCTECH and the training providers are for the organisations to collaboratively work together on providing Virtual TVET online courses for continuous professional development for TVET management and instructors in the region; to work together on providing accreditations of courses with relevant awarding bodies or associations; as well as to promote, coordinate and undertake research and development activities together in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Following the signing, and prior to the tour of the SEA-VET Learning platform and the SEAMEO VOCTECH Smart Lab, SEAMEO VOCTECH also took the opportunity to hold a certificate presentation for the Brunei Darussalam participants for the In-Country Training Programme: Training of Trainers on Automotive Technology and Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC) Technology using Virtual TVET.

President of Labtech International, Dr. Steve McKee demonstrating the use of AR/VR tool to YB Datin Seri Setia Dr. Hajah Romaizah and Mr. Alias bin Haji Abu Bakar.

Also in attendance for the launching were; Dr Ethel Pascua Valenzuela, Director of the SEAMEO Secretariat via virtual; Dr Hj Azman bin Ahmad, Permanent Secretary (Higher Education) Ministry of Education, Dr. Hazri bin Haji Kifle, Vice Chancellor Universiti Brunei Darussalam; Dr. Haji Norarfan Zainal bin Haji Zainal, Rektor Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali; Datin Paduka Professor Dr. Dayang Hajah Zohrah binti Haji Sulaiman, Vice Chancellor Universiti Teknologi Brunei; Dr. Chin Weh Keh, Deputy Permanent Secretary (Higher Education) Ministry of Education; Dr. Haji Mohd Zamri bin Haji Sabli; Chief Executive Officer Institute of Brunei Technical Education as a Chairman SEAMEO VOCTECH Regional Center; Dayang Siti Rozaimeriyanty DSLJ Haji Abdul Rahman, Chairperson of ASEAN Business Advisory Council 2021; Ms. Miriam Heidtmann, the incoming director Programme Director of GIZ-RECOTVET, Directors and Senior Officials, Private Sector partners; Dr. Steve McKee, President of Labtech International and Mr Brad Kerr (Manager LabTech); Mr. Volker Schmid, FESTO Didactic’s Head of Asia and Pacific region via online, and FESTO Didactic, SEAMEO VOCTECH Deputy Directors, Management and Staff and Brunei Darussalam participants for the In-Country Training Programme: Training of Trainers.

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