LEARNTech Asia Conference 2021

The Disrupted Labor Market: Lifelong Learning Revolution

24. Nov 2021 - 25. Nov 2021

Singapore, Singapore

LEARNTech Asia

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About the Event

LEARNTech Asia annual conference is back! Last year, the conference welcomed over 30 speakers and almost 4,000 participants from all around.

This year's conference "The Disrupted Labor Market: Lifelong Learning Revolution" aims to provide individuals with an insight into the future skills that will shape them into agile and resilient workers. Sign up to receive updates on this year’s speakers and sessions.


To say that the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted every aspect of our lives, especially the way we work, is an understatement. 

The pandemic itself has resulted in over 110 million fewer jobs with approximately 20 million in OECD countries alone. The unemployment rate has also risen from 5.3% in 2019 to 6.6% in 2021 with a long-term displacement from the labor market than before the pandemic. Even if people are actively seeking employment, they have to deal with the estimated 85 million jobs that may be displaced by 2025. This dire situation clearly shows that countries are in desperate need to improve their human capital. 

In fact, many companies expect their employees to re-skill and up-skill on the job. As such, these companies are prepared to provide the necessary lifelong learning and training to a majority of their employees, by 2025. This demand for reskilling and upskilling in the workplace is a clear indication that the culture of learning is rapidly becoming the new workplace norm. 

These changes in our employment outlook imply that individuals need to pursue lifelong learning to ensure that they are employable for tomorrow’s workforce. 

As such, the LEARNTech Asia Conference 2021 seeks to provide future-ready opportunities for both companies and individuals to meet the great demand for reskilling and upskilling the workplace.


  1. Developing a workplace culture that thrives on lifelong learning to retain its talent 
  2. Empowering an organization's existing talent to be more resilient and agile for the ever-changing job landscape
  3. Re-architecting the learning culture with cutting-edge technologies
  4. Personalizing your lifelong learning journey to make you future-ready. 

Join #LTC2021DisruptedLaborMarket and be inspired to optimize your current strategies as you strive for an engaged, adaptable, and productive workforce in 2022 and beyond!

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