RECORDED Sessions Available | SEAMEO CONGRESS 2021

Transforming Southeast Asian Education, Science and Culture in the Digital Revolution

28. Apr 2021 - 29. Apr 2021

Amari Watergate Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand, Global

SEAMEO with Ministry of Education of Thailand, and Ministry of Education of Malaysia

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About the Event

The SEAMEO Congress 2021 was successfully convened with more than 7,500 participants on the Floor platform and more than 31,000 viewers on YouTube.

You may also watch the presentations of the speakers and the recorded sessions, HERE


The SEAMEO Congress 2021 for Education, Science and Culture in Southeast Asia, hosted by Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) together with the Ministry of Education of Thailand brings together diverse education actors and stakeholders representing the governments of SEAMEO Member Countries as well as public and private educational institutions and agencies. The SEAMEO Congress 2021 serves a platform for the policymakers, teachers, researchers, and educators to exchange the effective policy, fruitful teaching experience and share new learning paradigms and practices in the digital age. The education disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in the golden age of distance learning and flexible learning options forced by unprecedented school closures and lockdowns among all member countries. Exchanging the perspectives on the global and current issues affecting Southeast Asian Countries is the best platform to learn and build regional consensus on how Education, Science and Culture transformation can effectively contribute towards the promotion of human development at the community, country and at the regional level.


The SEAMEO Congress 2021 has three primary aims: 

  • Provide a platform for conversations on innovations, breakthroughs and best practices in Education, Science and Culture to achieve SDG4 2030;
  • Examine sustainable development platforms, networking and strategic collaboration among education actors and stakeholders in Southeast Asia and beyond for enhancing the quality of learning and ensuring wider access and relevance of education in the region; and
  • Build a consensus reflecting and concretising transformative educational programmes and action plans towards the development of a dynamic synergy of strengths, strategies and standards leading to the application of more inclusive and innovative learning paradigms and education policies to meet global standards.


  • At the end of the congress, it is expected that a regional plan of action for SEAMEO’s transformative education pillars will be defined through extensive conversations and discussions among resource persons, experts and participants. SEAMEO Congress 2021 will support common understanding on how member countries can cope with the fast-changing environment within the region, crafting common pathways to achieve
    and improve the quality of learning for the alpha generation that responds to the global needs and wider access to education, with no one left behind.
  • It is also expected that the regional plan of action from the Congress will contribute to the new SEAMEO Strategic Plan (2021-2030) for the advancement of inclusive and equitable education and preparing for the future highly skilled workforce and lifelong learners for all by harnessing technology to improve learning outcomes that will adequately prepare the teachers and learners to thrive in the future of Digital Era and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Around 500 participants are expected for SEAMEO Congress 2021 including policy makers, educational leaders, teachers, researchers, educators from the eleven (11) SEAMEO Member Countries, administrators and educators from government organisations, public and private educational institutions, agencies and departments as well as moderators and invited speakers.


There will be two types of invited speakers: honorable speakers and selected paper presenters. The honorable speakers are the ones who are invited by Ministry of Education, Thailand and SEAMEO. The paper presenters are the ones who are invited to present through selection of their submitted abstracts.


The theme for the SEAMEO Congress 2021 is “Transforming Southeast Asian Education, Science and Culture in the Digital Revolution.”

Subsequently, each sub-theme shall be organized into three tracks:

1. Policies, Reforms and Innovations (PRI)

This track covers discussion on policies, legislation and reforms, which national governments are implementing in crafting and enhancing new learning paradigms that relate to the sustainable development or other social philosophies that reflect shared social values and are drawn from historical and cultural realities.

2. Innovative Teaching and Learning Strategies (ITLS)

This track covers discussions that focus on practical teaching-learning strategies and classroom innovations geared towards ensuring students acquire competencies and skills responsive to the needs of the labor market and supportive of national and regional goals.

3. Cooperation, Linkages and Partnerships (CLP)

This track covers discussions that tackle regional and local partnerships and cooperation models proven to be effective in promoting and advancing networking efforts on crafting and enhancing new learning paradigms. In addition, this track also further highlights partnerships at the community level and between the private and public sector 


There will be sub-themes for plenary sessions and the paper presentations and discussions in parallel session:




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