BILT Virtual conference on new qualifications and competencies in TVET


1. Jun 2020 - 12. Jun 2020

Online, Global


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About the Event

Join the upcoming BILT virtual conference that seeks to gather knowledge, insights, experiences and practices from the international TVET community, including the UNEVOC Network, on new qualifications and competencies in TVET. The virtual conference will cover a broad range of issues, including understanding the demands for new qualifications and competencies in TVET, and integrating new qualifications and competencies in TVET curricula and training regulations. More information about the virtual conference can be found here:  https://unevoc.unesco.org/i/688

Your contributions

The virtual conference will take place on UNESCO-UNEVOC's TVeT Forum, so all you will need to participate is a UNEVOC account. You can register for a UNEVOC account here. The virtual conference will be in English. However, participants speaking other languages can use the built-in translation feature to follow discussions and contribute.

In particular, we would like to invite UNEVOC Centres to share insights on: 

  • What new qualifications and competencies are most urgently needed?
  • How can the process of introducing new qualifications and competencies in TVET be improved in order to tackle emerging demands of the society and economy?
  • What teaching and learning approaches, methods, practices, and technologies are being used by TVET providers to deliver new qualifications and competencies?

In case you have any questions about this virtual conference, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Wouter de Regt (w.de-regt[at]unesco.org)

Your contributions will also be used to strengthen UNESCO-UNEVOC’s trends mapping study on the ‘new qualifications and competencies in TVET’.

*Virtual conference report now available on SEA-VET Publications*

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