BarCamp on Gender & Social Inclusion and the Webinar on Financial Incentives for Companies

15. Mar 2023 - 22. Mar 2023

Virtual, Global


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The Online BarCamp on Gender & Social Inclusion (GESI) is the third in a series of five and offers an open space to discuss and exchange - this time focusing on the role of the private sector. The webinar on financial incentives will take up one of our key publications providing a short and crispy input about the content, followed by an expert consultation a few days later.


How does the business sector implement GESI in dual VET
Wednesday, 15th March 2023, 12:00 – 2:00pm CET

Let’s hear from businesses how and why GESI is moving up on their priority list and let´s continue the exchange on promising approaches and experiences in the field of GESI. The upcoming BarCamp includes a keynote and open exchange sessions on topics proposed by the participants:

  • Keynote: Diane Le Goff, Global Manager of the Youth Education & Entrepreneurship CSR programs for Schneider Electric, based in Vietnam. She will be focusing her input on strengthening VET, supporting the integration of women in the energy-sector and encouraging innovation.
  • Exchange Sessions: So far, the GIZ project on Inclusive Sustainable Economic Development (ISED) and Society for Renewable Energies (SRE) in Indonesia will present and discuss their GESI audit tool aiming to improve gender diversity in the sector. In addition, following her keynote, Diane Le Goff will go into a deeper discussion with interested participants on how they established specific partnerships to get more women & girls involved in their trainings. More sessions will follow – for updates see here.

What about you? Interested in hosting a session too? We invite you to host your own session with any question, experience, challenge, or good practice that you have related to the topic of “GESI and the Role of the Business Sector”. Let us know your topic or question in the registration form for the event- we are happy to support you.


In dual VET, companies typically bear a substantial part of the training costs. This raises the question why companies that are engaged in VET are willing to incur these costs, and to which extent financial subsidies do or can influence this decision.

Companies Engaging in Dual VET: Do Financial Incentives Matter?
Webinar: Wednesday, 22nd March 2023, 11:00am – 12:00pm CET

Webinar: Kurt Schmid will provide an overview on general options and reflect on pros and cons of financial incentives to training companies in dual VET. The webinar is based on the DC dVET Discussion Note on that topic.

Expert Consultation: Tuesday, 28th March 2023, 11:00am – 12:00pm CET

Expert consultation: This consultation is then dedicated to your challenges and questions on financial incentives. Submit your particular questions ahead of the exchange (in the registration or at any time by e-mail) and discuss them live with our key expert Kurt Schmid - or join us and learn from other project cases.  




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