Viet Nam: Technical and Vocational Education and Training Sector Assessment

26.02.2020 by SEA-VET Content

Asian Development Bank

Asian Development Bank

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This publication, published by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) examines how technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in Viet Nam can be improved to increase the country's global competitiveness. 

In 2009, Viet Nam became a lower middle-class country following 30 years of sustained economic growth. Despite this, Viet Nam still struggles to increase their labour productivity causing a concern to reach market demands. Thus, to improve TVET within the nation strategic plans and measures have been set to help boost labour productivity by developing skilled workers. 

This publication provides a revision on previous findings from the ADB 2014 TVET assessment report for Viet Nam. Findings are divided into a set of five essential problems: 

  • Insufficient enterprise-based training;
  • Wrong skills taught;
  • Skills not properly taught;
  • Inequitable access;
  • and, less-than-effective organisation and management of skills development. 

From the findings, the government is fully aware of the problems and are focusing on future reform activities that addresses substantial quality improvements in key areas. Moreover, the report outlines the recommendations by ADB for Viet Nam's future:

  • Reforms in the governance structure, organisation and management of TVET;
  • Effective teaching of the right skills; 
  • Greater enterprise-based training and financial support;
  • and, more inclusive access to higher quality training.

For more information on the report click here.

To read further on findings and recommendation, please download the following document

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