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Reflecting on the evolution of Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM), the Asia Europe Education Process (AEP) and the recent shift towards a dialogue on Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

08.01.2019 by SEA-VET Content

Dr. Fiona Croke

Asia Europe Meeting

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Country in Focus:

Area of TVET:
Sustainability (economic, cultural and environmental), Regional/global integration (qualification framework, mutual recognitions, harmonization, etc.)


Asia Europe Meeting Overview:
As a forum for political dialogue Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM)1 provides a platform for member countries to meet, and is considered by the countries involved as a space to foster cooperation and deepen relations between Asia and Europe. Member Countries hold the view that the forum provides a platform for discourse and the exchange of views which is fundamental to achieving a more balanced political, economic and social world order. Heads of State and Government officials from each member country meet biannually, alternating summit level meetings between Europe and Asia, while meetings between ministers and senior official in specific government domains (foreign affairs, finance, economics, environment, culture, labour and employment, education, transport, energy and security) progress along a more frequent continuum.



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