Launching Workshop: Regional Study Report on Human Resource Development Readiness in ASEAN

26. Apr 2021 - 26. Apr 2021

Video Conference, Global

MOLISA Vietnam, ASEAN Secretariat, RECOTVET

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About the Event

The HRD readiness study is part of the ambition of ASEAN Member States (AMS) to frame HRD as a key priority of future policy-making in the region. It provides the conceptual foundation, empirical explorations and comparative findings on HRD in AMS. It offers a snapshot of the state of HRD readiness in the ten AMS. It describes existing practices and introduces options for future policies, as guided by a conceptual framework of investigation. In particular, it explores approaches taken in AMS that are currently applied with regard to HRD in reaction to future challenges in changing world of work. It reveals considerable gaps between the appraisal of importance and desirability on one hand, and the extent of realisation and achievement of different areas of HRD interventions on the other hand. As a result, the study encourages the member states to speed up their approaches to make people resilient to face the impending landscape of the future of work and skills.

Read the HRD Readiness Study here.


Overview of Workshop Objectives and Expected Outcomes Presentation of Study by Prof. Dr. Dieter Euler


  • Launch the Study Report on Human Resource Development Readiness in ASEAN to HRD-related stakeholders in ASEAN region.
  • Disseminate and discuss the key study findings and recommendations to advance the HRD Policy Framework for the changing world of work at the regional and national levels.
  • Reflect on the current situation of human resource development policies in ASEAN member countries and draw practical measures to promote HRD for the future readiness.


  • Awareness raising for the current state of HRD in ASEAN at regional and national levels.
  • Advance the HRD Policy Framework and implementation ASEAN at regional and national levels.

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