ICES ASTEN | 3rd International Conference on Educational Sciences

7. Nov 2019 - 7. Nov 2019

Bandung, Indonesia

Faculty of Education Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

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About the Event

Since the 1980s there has been a revolution whose progress is very fast and has colored various aspects of life. This revolution is now known as the digital revolution or as another term as the information age or the digital era. In Indonesia, a change in the era has been seen since 2009 which is reflected in the number of people who use the internet. The frequency of these internet users is higher from year to year, even in 2016, APJII reported that internet users in Indonesia were recorded as 132.7 million people out of 256.2 million Indonesians or more than half of the population had used the internet. From these data, more than 75% are users of school age. This is certainly encouraging because it has an impact on the level of young digital literacy and students in Indonesia. The Japanese government has begun to introduce Society 5.0 or society 5.0 where digital technology is applied and centered on human life. In the Mayumi Fukuyama article, page of the Japan Economic Foundation, Japan is basically preparing "a very intelligent society". This vision was first introduced in 2016. In its plan, people in this country will adopt all technologies, ranging from artificial intelligence, big data, the use of the Internet of Things (IoT), to drones in everyday life. "This era will change habits and life in various aspects, such as health, finance, monility, infrastructure, etc. Responding to the birth and development of this era must be wise so that all the determinants in it can be utilized as optimally as possible for the life and life of mankind. In this regard, educational institutions and education staff (LPTK) must be able to answer the problem of how to prepare prospective teachers to have readiness of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that are in accordance with the characteristics of students in the digital era. Besides relating to answering the issue of education in the digital era, FIP UPI has set the Main Work Indicator (IKU) of the 2019 UPI related to the proceedings of the indexed seminar results of 1,250 articles.



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