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Seabery Augmented Congress Asia

The 1st Augmented Training International Congress will have keynote presentations on Skills Training, Welding Training and Augmented Reality & Industry 4.0

28. Mar 2019 - 28. Mar 2019

Bangkok, Thailand


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About the Event

Seabery is organising the 1st Augmented Training Asia International Congress, that will be held the 28th of March in Bangkok Thailand. It will be the first event on Augmented Reality and Education held in Asia, with keynote presentations from international top experts.

It’s a great opportunity to bring together a great community of professionals, institutions and companies using Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance skills and vocational training.

The programme will be structured in three main topics:

   - Skills Training
   - Industry 4.0
   - AR Training

However, the 1st Augmented Training Asia International Congress has more to offer, the programme will be completed with time for networking and demo showing, so the attendants can experience first hand the latest developments in AR and Edtech.

The main goal of the Augmented Congress is to debate about innovation in education and skills training, with educational associations, institutions and companies from more than 15 countries. Some of the confirmed attendants are Worlddidac, LabTech, TTI Global, Weld Australia, WeldPlus and GSI SLV.

If you are interested to attend please write an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or register via the following link:

All the best from the Seabery Team