Hanoi targets raising up to 80% trained workers by 2030

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VOV, Vietnam (11 June, 2021) - Hanoi targets increasing the proportion of trained workers in the city to 75%-80% by 2030 under a strategy on labour market development built by the municipal People’s Committee.

The strategy aims to provide a strong premise for developing a stable labour market, effectively mobilising and utilising human resources to boost socio-economic growth.

It is to have 80% of its workforce possess IT skills by 2025 and 90% by 2030, while reducing the overall unemployment rate to below 2.5%.

The number of workers engaged in the agriculture sector is to fall to below 30% by 2025 and 20% by 2030.

Hanoi expects to have a modernised labour market information system under the strategy. Its data will be linked to other regions in the country and ASEAN countries, especially main labour markets in Vietnam.

To this end, the city's authorities will review legal documents relating to labour supply and demand, bringing them in line with labour market regulations, international conventions, and standards ratified by Vietnam and ensuring they are consistent with the legitimate interests of employees and employers.

It will develop a specific mechanism and carry out projects to support job creation for specific labour groups, such as people with disabilities, ethnic minority workers, and new graduates from universities and vocational education institutions.

Attention will be paid to training programmes to improve the skills of new graduates and existing employees to meet job requirements.

Hanoi's authorities will also support the development of a labour market information system, introducing solutions to digitise and update employee data and sharing the database on population, business registration, and social insurance.

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