New bill on vocational training in the works

   Posted on 16.06.2017 by RECOTVET2, Myanmar Times


The Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Bill, which is being drafted by the Ministry of Education, will be submitted to parliament soon, said Dr Aye Myint, director general of the Department of Technical and Vocational Education.

Speaking at a press conference this week, he said the bill was being re-drafted by changing the title of the bill from the Industrial and Vocational Education Law 1978.

Dr Aye Myint said it is a very important legislation for the vocational education sector, when speaking on the TVET during a regional and international conference.

“In regards to the TVET bill, an approval has been requested from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

If everything is completed, it will be submitted to the governmental. And after the government will submit it to the Hluttaw. For us, we want this bill to be quickly legislated,” said Dr Aye Myint.

The bill was drafted to be in line with the national education law with suggestions from Hluttaw MPs have also been taken into account, he added.

As soon as it is submitted and approved at the Hluttaw, the vital TVET council, which will be under the TVET bill, will carry out their duties in accordance with that law.

The council will be formed with the objective of strengthening international cooperation, said the director-general.

The draft Bill states that the TVET council will be chaired by the Ministry of Education and its members include cabinet members, entrepreneurs and technical experts.

Meanwhile, TVET department Deputy Director General, Dr Nay Lin Phone said, “The bill includes the formation of the TVET council. It is very important. The term of the council is five years. The requirements for the Chairperson and its members are included in the bill. It may be revised in the Hluttaw.”

The bill will also include the structure for TVET schools, industrial cooperation, building up teaching capacity, syllabus and human resource development.

, Myanmar Times

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