Empowering and improving TVET through a database

   Posted on 06.12.2019 by SEA-VET Content, New Straits Times


To empower and improve TVET, the Education Ministry in Malaysia have planned a project that will set up a database in an effort to produce 35% of a highly-skilled workforce by next year. 

The database will help to empower and improve TVET in Malaysia, and support the government in projecting employment opportunities and focus on critical market segments. 

This project involves nine ministries; the International Trade and Industry Ministry, Human Resources, Youth and Sports, Works, Rural Development, Entrepreneur Development, Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry, and Domestic and Trade, and Consumer Affairs. These nine ministries are members of the national-level TVET Empowerment Committee (JKKPTVET)

20 strategies and 15 recommendations have been outlined by the ministries and have been slotted under five thrusts of TVET programmes. These programmes are implemented to equip the people with these skills and to help create an environment for the government to achieve their goals of a highly-skilled workforce by next year. 

The five thrusts of TVET programmers are National TVET Coordination Body, Sustainable Financing Module, Industrial Partnership Module, Empowering TVET Certification (Industry) and National TVET Rebranding initiative. 

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