50 teachers empowered to become digital educators

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Khmer Times, Cambodia (22 June 2021) - Velocity Arcademy was officially launched and is ready to welcome onboard the very first batch of 50 teachers from various provinces across Cambodia to transform themselves into digital educators. The 50 empowered teachers will be committed to the two-week programme, Innovative Teacher, starting 21 June, 2021.

Velocity Arcademy is an edtech startup operating in Cambodia that helps schools and education providers become autonomous by equipping teachers with the skills and competencies needed to keep them up to date with the digital and pedagogical skills required in a rapidly changing world.

Pichpisey Sovann, a co-founder of Velocity Arcademy shared that the programme aims to provide essential pedagogical support and skills necessary in favour of their professional “up-skilling” without certain constraints such as time, place and funds.

She said that system technology is very important to improve teacher’s teaching as the education sector is using distance-learning and teaching via online due to COVID-19.

“Teachers should improve their teaching via technology, so they can still provide teaching to their students in all crisis,” she said.

According to Velocity Arcademy, the education ecosystem in Cambodia needs attention from all stakeholders, especially practitioners. Lifelong learning is becoming a growing trend among adult learners and the working population for it is flexible.

It said that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital learning. Consequently, the global market value of education technology skyrocketed to $89.49 billion in 2020.

Interestingly, the Asia Pacific market value is forecast to grow at 22.6 percent, while 19.9 percent globally from 2021 to 2028.

Velocity Arcademy introduces “mobile learning and gamification to turn a rigid environment such as professional development of teachers to be more agile and liberal”. The team is more than happy to help educational institutions, organisations and teachers through consultation and professional development.

Srey Deth, a teacher at a private school said: “I used to teach my student at class. When I changed to teach them via online, I have to understand a lot of technology to make learning easy for my students,” she said.

Ministry spokesman Ros Soveacha said that that the ministry still encourages all stakeholders, especially educators, to continue implementing the online teaching for the safety of students against the coronavirus.

He said that the ministry will maintain its stance that all state and private schools throughout the country remain closed while continuing to monitor and evaluate the status of the February 20 Community Event.

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